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Resides: Barony of Smoking Rocks
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Ona Seredžiška de Chevry dwells with her French fur-trader husband, Christofle de Chevry, on the modest estate she inherited from her father on the banks of the Nemunas River in a little town called Seredzius in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, c. 1590. With her aged mother's help, Ona manages the stonemasonry business her grandfather established and keeps the books for her husband's fur trade, to say nothing of running the family farm. Customary to her upbringing, Ona is successful in her musical endeavors, as well as dancing and entertaining. She is just as likely to be found mucking out the barn (because she doesn't entirely trust the servants to do it right) or inspecting her hives as she is to be seated at her spinning wheel or embroidery. Ona is presently the Bardic Champion of Smoking Rocks.


Born to a reputable stonemason in 1544, Ona Seredžiška was the only child of Jonas and Elena Seredziskus to survive to adulthood. She was raised in relative comfort on the family's estate, comprised of a stone house and outbuildings, with orchards and gardens and barns to support the household. After her father's death, Ona assumed control of the stonemasonry operation, with her mother's support. She married in her late twenties a Frenchman who often stayed in Seredzius, a convenient stopping point on the Nemunas River between Kaunas and the Baltic Sea; Christofle de Chevry was older, a widower, with two grown sons, and exceptionally fond of escaping the turmoil in his homeland by going to Newfoundland or the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Their courtship was brief but their relationship sound, and thus married ten years in 1590, Christofle and Ona enjoy their estate, where they raise goats and chickens and geese, keep bees, and garden to their hearts' content on the edge of the forest by the river.

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Interests: Agriculture, apiculture, archery, cooking, dance, embroidery, falconry, fiber arts, forestry, gardening, late period personae, Lithuania, knitting, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, spinning, sewing

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