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Mael Eoin MacEochaidh (Acceptably pronounced like "MALE own mac kyo")

Gyronny of eight, argent and sable, a Maltese cross gules

Previously a resident of the Canton of (The Grate) Whyt Whey in the Crown Province of Ostgardr, I now reside in the newly-recognized Canton of Dubh Feorag (until or unless the name changes), in the Barony of Bakhail.

I have previously held the Canton-level offices of Deputy Knight Marshal, Exchequer and Webminister in Whyt Whey. I am currently the Deputy Seneschal for the Canton of Dubh Feorag and am also currently a retainer to Their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness of Bakhail. I have an Award of Arms from Brion and Ana and was recently received the Order of the Sea Dog (the Crown Province of Ostgardr's recognition of service at the Canton level).