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Bishop Slate, the presumed identity of the one commonly known as the masked man
Resides: Kingdom of the East
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

The Banner of Azrael.Grand Banner of House Slate, an angel halo’d by three black roses.

Award & Office Badges


House Slate's Chain of Office link

Having been acquainted with the new lands (specifically during his time in the Kingdom of the West) since 2010, Bishop Slate became man at arms in 2011 during the War of the Baronies in the West Kingdom, sparking his devotion to the society upon the start of 2012 upon his landing on the Kingdom of Trimaris and taking up fencing as well as heavy fighting. After mundane undergrad school, he was squired in 2014 during Gulf Wars XXIII after displayed promise in the arts (bardic, scrollwork, cartography, fiber and clothing arts) as well as prowess in sword and shield, Greatsword (complimented by his time within ACL alongside Florida Storm[now of ACW]), and polearm(billhook). In 2016 he made a temporary move to the Kingdom of Drachenwald's regions of Eplaheimr, Knight's Crossing, and its far away places to campaign in the middle east and African continent, temporarily hosting an SCA chapter in the Gulf of Aden. Upon completion of this campaign, he traveled to the Kingdom of the East to find quiet and more peaceful pursuits. Although an avid fighter of all disciplines, mundane injuries prevent him from advancing any further in the realm of arms (though he will continue in the attempt until his dying day). Instead, if ever found, he prefers passing down what he knows, and will be usually found smithing, sewing, painting, composing, dancing, and most things becoming of a 16th century man of his station. Due to instances of unchivalrous conduct from Peers and other members of these aforementioned kingdoms, he severed active ties with the society in 2014. He asks that no further interrogation or investigation into the matter be made, and his privacy on it respected. Bishop currently enjoys the society from a bystander's leisure, and holds no current interest in pursuing paths for protégé, knighthood, apprenticeship or otherwise.

Bishop Slate, 1st Baron of Tamworth, Lord Governor of the New World Provinces and Spymaster to the English Crown


1st Lord of Tamworth Bishop Slate in battle armor, complete with mask in faithfulness to his identity.

The Masked Man, the Black Rose, The Mum Judge, Lord Tamworth, Little is known about the man's early days. A veteran sergeant at arms from the War of the League of Cambrai, Bishop was elevated to the House of Lords by his majesty King Henry VIII for actions during The Battle of the Spurs, at the cost of severe injuries. He saw further service volunteering to provide said services to the Holy League in their campaigns against the Duchy of Ferrara. After completing his duty, Lord Slate returned to England to officially take his charge over his Barony of Tamworth. With permission from his royal majesty, he adopted his black rose to King Henry’s in the condition his men would never fight under the royal force’s tutelage or be raised within England proper. Instead, his forces remain stationed at Calais as England’s frontier force. It wasn't long after his return that he rendered his services for the king once more, though for subterfuge. It is rumored that he is currently spymaster for the crown, more insidiously, delivering contract killings on traitors slipping from bills of attainder.When he does take to the field during war, he is known for his banner, and the silent men who fight under it. Everywhere the English crown pitches battle, the angel stares at all accross the field. This expeditionary force has and continues to adapt the military traditions of its hosts abroad, incorporating efficiency, new strategies, and psychological aspects into its ever evolving doctrine. It’s been long since anyone has seen his face, and he remains it so all the same to excel in his charges as chief of intelligence when he does not take to the field in command of forces. On a personal note, Tamworth is not regarded as much of a conversationalist, a warm man, or much of a courtier. He sees court as a duty to the realm which "must be swallowed as a poultice is applied for the benefit of the humours".

Lord Tamworth further plans to raise troops in the East Kingdom under his house’s banner from the populace. Whether to support the Kingdom or present a threat is no one’s knowledge. Rumours abound that he brings support to the King of the East on behalf of Henry, as the lands hold significance of patrimony to the English king, and therefore, to England herself. At the moment, he is also preoccupied with rooting out French and Spanish agents in the East. Knowledge of their influence in these lands are of very strategic importance to the crown.

Bishop organizes assaults on enemy supply lines alongside his brother, War Marshal Robert Slate.

House Slate

The Expeditionary Force of England in battle formation.
The Black Rose (Infantry Hymn) House Slate's Infantry March, this is the Infantry's hymn, preferably sung in camp or in drill. "//The ground 'neath quakes, it quakes o'er callin// //callin for our pike and hook// //streams now born from widows' tears and rush of bloodied brook// //For when they saw her, they did fear// //Death's own angel soaring near// //reaping fields off all of those she would proclaim her foes// //Cut down their men, cut down their bows// //seraphims rained down their horse// //the grass is watered, soil their tomb// //the black rose full in bloom// //for when they swore their oaths and sharpened// //sharpened tongue and sharpened steel// //mustered hundreds, adding thousands to fool's errand's will// //but when they saw her, they did fear// //Death's own angel soaring near// //reaping fields off all of those she would proclaim her foes// //Cut down their men, cut down their bows// //seraphims rained down their horse// //the grass is watered, soil their tomb// //the black rose full in bloom// //For when King Francis put king's ransom// //for Lord Tamworth's Mask and Chain// //Old Man Bishop sent his banner// //Frank's Men ran instead// //but when they saw her, they did fear// //Death's own angel soaring near// //reaping fields off all of those she would proclaim her foes// //Cut down their men, cut down their bows// //seraphims rained down their horse// //the grass is watered, soil their tomb// //the black rose full in bloom//" ~House Slate Infantry Hymn
The Black Rose House Slate's Official March, composed by the Lord Tamworth himself, performed en marche by the army heralds only in processions such as triumphs
The Auxiliary Haka House Slate's Official Battle Taunt, brought to Tamworth's shores by auxiliary units of Polynesia, courtesy of the Portuguese
A recording of the arrival, troop signals and line commands, including the English battle cry. Order of signals are as follows: Arrival in column, Command to face the column towards the direction of battle, shields forward with pikes presented over, forward march, halt, shields down, hooks and pikes locked in place
Robert Slate, Tamworth's brother and Marshall of his expeditionary force, presenting the manifest proclamation before hostile forces.
An infantryman of House Slate
The Black Rose, House Slate’s Battle Emblem: the more widely used heraldry for shields, badges, smaller unit banners, and other articles created en masse.

House Slate was founded following his investiture as 1st Baron of Tamworth. Without a spouse, Lord Tamworth has no issue, and therefore requested command of the crown's first expeditionary force. As the only of three blood members bearing the name Slate, the rest of the family is instead chosen from trusted lieutenants from within the barony's hierarchy.

The house's power stems from what's arguably the crown's sole standing professional army outside its boundaries. The forces number two thousand and four hundred men respectively. The soldiery is drawn from the fields of England proper and trained as well as equipped to hold garrison or wage war at the pleasure of the king. The officers are drawn from the knighted gentry of the kingdom, and are expected to relinquish any practices of chivalry which are otherwise un english and outdated. At the discretion of the royal exchequer and the offices of the kingdom's chancellor Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, a manifest proclamation was written by Lord Tamworth in order to set a charter of laws and governance for the annexed territories west of England. This charter and constitution is notarized by the hands of the king and chancellor themselves, and therefore grants new lands protection under membership of Henry's kingdoms.

The Manifest Proclamation. A temporary charter that acts as guidelines and constitution for the incorporation of new territories as well as the creation of the Expeditionary Force of England

The forces are separated into:

Men of Foot

-Pikemen/500/armed with a 12 foot pike/split between towermen who march with the 7' pavise with side sword, forward spear, flank spear and relief/Each team is simply referred to as a pavise, and all members rotate clockwise throughout battle.

-Halberdiers/500/ who are armed with the halberd/support pavises by offering reach defense against enemy who slip past the spear-tip line

House Slate Infantry

Men of Missile

-Crossbowmen/250/separated into piercers (who fire from the rear), and skirmishers (who fire in front of the line and transition to positions along the flanks./armed with a 600lb draw heavy crossbow.

-longbowmen/250/armed with a 160lb draw war bow



-Light/500/two companies/armed with 100 lb short bows and longsword

-heavy/400/two companies/armed with lance and longsword


-Seraphims(onagers)/4 engine, 20 crew each/ firepot(30)and stone(30) per engine/ armed with side swords.

-Sappers/50/armed with side swords


-Baggage Train/100 personnel/200 wagons/400 mules/ no followers camp/ entrusted with logistics and field support of troops.

Battle Line Structure

There are two companies in the army: First and Second. Each company is composed of 20 Sestenals, and each Sestenal is a self-contained element composed of all classes save cavalry, of which there are four separate companies.


Artist Rendering: Lord Tamworth surveys his troops before siege preparations commence at Rouen. His captain of foot stands to side. Visible are the first line of pike behind their pavises and two seraphim onagers

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Gothic Bladed Arms, their history, and uses//Class for Panteria 05/25/19

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In Case of Court

Lord Tamworth may not always wear his sword, but he'll always carry a rondel, one of the few in court with permission to do so(he'd otherwise never attend such a rat's warren)

There is no known method to contact this elusive individual, he simply seems to know when and where, appearing without herald's cry or the gate guard's notice. It should be noted the man holds no love for court life or its proceedings, he is often found peering from the room's darkest corner.

It is rumored that his Florentine contact, Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccafurno, may know a method to deliver messages to him (though it is pure hearsay).

More Information

In the Mundane world, I am a retired infantry squad leader from the US Army. I moved to Vermont after my combat tours in search of a quieter life and so far have been my own worse enemy in that regard. I'm completely unable to turn down hanging out, if you ever meet me and get as far as a facebook friend request you're pretty much in. I don't have the fighting speed I used to have before my last deployment, but it is my hope to pass on what I do know and, eventually, earn a place in a leadership role so as to translate my experience in infantry line maneuvers and hoplology to aid the kingdom's armies in the wars to come.