Leofwenn of Wytleseie

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Lady Leofwyn of Wytleseie
Resides: Shire of Endewearde, East Kingdom
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
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I am Lady Leofwyn of Wytleseie, from the Barony of Endewearde in the East Kingdom. I am an Anglo Saxon lady living in early 11th century England during the turbulent times before the Norman invasion of 1066AD.


Lady Leofwenn of Wytleseie, was born in 1000 AD, in the Fen lands, in the town of Wytle's Ea, located in Huntingdonshire, in East Anglia, in the Kingdom of England, to Ricbert and Cynwise, and is now living in the Shire of Endewearde in the East Kingdom. Born to loyal parents, Leofwenn was named in honor of Ealdorman Leofsige. Lady Leofwenn's father and mother were ceorls, considered ordinary freemen, and owned a small family run farm. Being the only child of her parents, she inherited the property upon their deaths when she was 19 years old. Leofwenn still maintains the family farm independently from her husband's property as allowed by Anglo Saxon custom, and continues to make improvements to the property. Leofwenn married Alan of Wytleseie in 1021AD and together they have become sellers of foodstuffs and cloth. They are also the proud parents of 5 children.

Lady Leofwenn enjoys many activities when allowed the leisure to do so including the sewing of fine garments, singing, dancing, brewing meads and cordials, and cooking delicious meals to share with family and friends. An archer in the North Tower Archery Company, Lady Leo, as she is affectionately called, has also been known to throw a potentially deadly axe or knife on occasion. Lady Leo is interested in pursuing the scribal arts and presently learning to play music on a custom made harp, built by her loving husband, Alan.

Offices & Positions

  • Chronicler, The Shire of Endewearde from A.S. XLI to A.S. XLII
  • Autocrat for the Endewearde Hunt A.S. XLIV
  • Seneschal in training (retired)
  • Finance Committee member (retired)
  • Member of Leafy Greens and Mutton (on permanent hiatus)

Awards and Orders

  • Award of Arms in February A.S. XLIII
  • Order of the Silver Wheel - Fall Crown Tournament LIII

Event Staff

  • Many dayboards
  • Head cook, (Feast-o-crat), Feast - Endewearde's Tourney of Love A.S. XLII 02/23/2008
  • Head cook, (Feast-o-crat), Feast - Endewearde's Tourney of Love A.S. XLIII 02/14/2009
  • Autocrat, Endewearde Hunt A.S. XLIV 10/09/2009 - 10/12/2009
  • Assisting in the Feast of Endewearde's K&Q Bardic Challenge - 02/5/2011
  • Head cook, Feast - Crown Tourney, hosted by Endewearde A.S. XLVII (completely Polish feast!)
  • Head cook, Feast - Endewearde's Tourney of Love A.S. XLVII
  • Kitchen crew - Kingdom Twelfth Night Dayboard A.S. LII
  • Deputy Event Steward - Fall Crown Tourney A.S. LIII in The Barony of Endewearde

Projects & Publications

  • Always making garb - Currently working on La Shiavona gown, painting by Titian
  • Learning to embroider
  • Learning scribal arts
  • Practicing Archery
  • Worked on a largess project with other Ladies of Endewearde, a blackwork embroidery tapestry for the Largess Challenge presented at GNEW A.S. LIII
  • Working on a project with other Ladies of Endewearde, for the Barony of Endewearde - tablecloths for the Barony's events
  • Helping wherever she can

More Information

Trivia about Lady Leofwenn

  • Lady Leo once presented the Princess Avelina with genuine sugar plums
  • Lady Leo helped to design and build a castle made of cake for Jehan's Fighting and Fencing at the Fort A.S XLVII
  • Lady Leo has won several embroidery challenges
  • Lady Leo sewed the trim onto Prince Kennric's Endeweardian tunic
  • Lady Leo has assisted bards on rare occasions, to sing and write songs, and hopes to be a bard in her own right some day
  • Lady Leo is always willing to share her sense of humor and often has a dry comment to make in many circumstances