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Katarzyna Gwozdz, known as Varju to her friends, is a petty noble who grew up in a heavily German influenced area of Poland, circa 1400. Sent abroad by her family to gain stronger ties to allies, she found herself lured away and adopted into Clann O'Choda, where she decided stay. Just as this decision was made, however, she received notice that a dear friend was in need of her services in England. She has embarked on a new adventure to the 1500's and the court of Henry the VII, but maintains her close bonds to her fellow O'Chodains.

She has accepted the position of "Artist" for the reign of their Highness' Edward and Marguerite, and looks forward to testing her cat herding skills.

S. Gwozdz is a graphic designer living in the greater Boston area with her neurotic but lovable Golden Retriever. She is well versed in color theory, typography, vendor/client language translating, international shipping logistics, design speak for non-designers, and print production. She enjoys fine beer, finer scotch, long walks in the woods, and maintaining brand consistency with a velvet gloved iron fist. You can find her currently riding herd over an international marketing division of a consumer electronics company, (but is open to new opportunities, hint hint,) and takes up freelance jobs on the side when she has the time and they tickle her fancy.