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Justin du Coeur

I'm a jack of all trades, who has been in the Society for 25 years or so.

I'm probably best known as the founder of the Letter of Dance, and as the keeper of the Period Games Homepage. My Laurel is for my work in dance, my Manche for Games. I do a lot of period cooking as well, and dabble in many different arts.

On the service side, I've been one of the SCA's official online question-answering folks for as long as that idea has been around. (And was the Society's unofficial online contact person for ten years before that.) I was the founding Secretary of the Grand Council, and have autocratted a bunch of events. I enjoy demos quite a lot, and have recruited hundreds of people into the Society over the years.

I am currently Deputy Seneschal and Dancemaster in the Barony of Carolingia.

I don't do much armored combat, but dabble in combat archery, and have done some fencing. I'm quite fond of target archery.

I'm a member of House Silverwing and House Lochleven, and am dangerously fond of SCA Philosophy and Inter-Kingdom Anthropology.

And I've now got an official page in the Populace section.