Gwillim kynith

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Gwillim Kynith

I am a 15th century Welshman raised in Castle Caldicot, Monmouthshire, Wales. Having lost both parents to the plague, I was raised by Humphrey, Earl of Buckingham, and his family. Showing great prowess with the bow and a keen ability at stalking game, I was given the name "Kynith" at an early age. I became well versed in music, dancing, and other Courtly ways within the halls of grand Caldicot, and studied the art of stained glass in the nearby village.

Today, I live in the great Barony of Endewearde, geographic center of the East Kingdom. I have made a name for myself here as an archer and as a bard, the latter earning me a place in the Order of the Troubadour. Through my skills in the ballroom, I became Endewearde's Dancemaster and found myself named a Companion of the Order of Terpsichore. By skill, leadership, and courtesy, I was made the Seneschal of Endewearde, an office which I held for almost 5 years.

My Arms are: Or, a Fox and Coney combatant gules, an Orle gules.