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Brian of Centre Downe is a forester in the East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild and a member of the Order of St. Hubert (rangers).


Brian of Centre Downe was born to John, a scribe, and Ann, an herbalist in Carluke in the Clyde River valley of Scotland in the 1500s. When his father was killed his mother married a forester, Woods. When his second father was killed Brian left his older brother, John, who had become a forester, and went with his mother to London where his new stepfather, Derek Walker, worked as an apothecary. After Brian had assisted in this business for some time Derek arranged for Brian to go (on a ship captained by Derek’s brother, Stephen) to Salerno to train as a physician. Brian lived there with a fellow student who came from the Far East and taught Brian about the traditional healing practices there (including acupuncture). He met his future wife, Caitriona, at the medical school in Salerno; after completing their training they returned to the Clyde River valley where they are tenant foresters with a joint medical practice.


Acting Keeper of the Forest of Stonemarche, 10/12/2019

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  • Assistant to token maker, Birka, 01/24-26/2020

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