Annika Bjornsdottir

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Annika Björnsdóttir
Resides: Barony of Iron Bog
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Order of the Silver Compass


Annika Björnsdóttir hails from the Barony of Iron Bog. Some call it... New Jersey. Annika has so far fallen in love with the SCA; her local barony especially. She feels that the people of Iron Bog are amazing, and that she is lucky to live in such a place. Annika (called Nika for short), is a scribe, and loves creating artwork for people. While she does love getting positive reactions to her work, she really feels that it's a special thing she can do for her barony (and the Kingdom) in contribution to the whole of what we do.

Annika joined the SCA in 2015, and still has much yet to learn of it. Her first event was May-Be in her home Barony. There she saw, for the very first time, a large display of the Scribal Arts, and the beautiful works of art called award scrolls. Right then and there Annika knew she needed to be a part of the scribal world. She was immediately driven to learn all she could of the scribal arts, and for the very next year's May-Be in 2016, she had created her first two scrolls, which were awarded at that event. After the 2017 May-Be (for which she'd done 3 scrolls, and gave a class on Scribal Arts), she felt ready to do Kingdom level scrolls and has since become a full-fledged scribe in service to the Crown. Annika is of a mind that learning never ends, so she continually works to advance her skills, and increase her knowledge, so she might better serve both the good gentles of her Barony, and the greater realm of the East Kingdom.

Main interests include blacksmithing, metalworking, calligraphy and illumination. Other interests include All The Things.


My persona is'nt fully developed. It's a portrayal of a Hiberno-Norse woman of Ireland, living roughly near the 11th century. Basically an Irish Viking.

Honors / Awards / Recognitions

Order of the Silver Compass, Iron Bog Investiture/K&Q Archery Champions, 16 June, A.S. LIII/2018

Offices & Positions

  • Nothing here

Event Staff

  • Nothing here, either

Projects, Classes, & Publications

  • Scribal Arts Display (and general demo help) at South Jersey Geek Fest 2017
  • Class on Manuscripts Through the Ages, given at May Be (I'll Try Something New), 05/13/2017
  • Scribal Arts Display (and general demo help) at Wheaton Village Fantasy Faire, 06/24/2017-06/25/2017

More Information

In case of court, surprises are good. People to talk to include Creatura Christi, Lexi McCarthy, and Declan Gobha.

Mundanely, Annika is a professional artist and illustrator [1]. She has a special love for crows, bears, and old worn-down bits of the past. She's got a backyard full of chickens, a side yard full of junk, and a head full of nonsense.