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Æliana Lencioni
Resides: Barony of Dragonship Haven
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges


I am Æliana Lencioni. I am a heavy fighter, a combat and target archer, a siege and throwing weapons participant, and I dabble in A&S. Over the last 4 years I have made my own garb for both my summer and winter personas as well as garb for my "adopted children" in the SCA. I am camp mom for my camps and provide equipment, food, and drinks to anyone in need. I do water bearing for the fighters. I have helium hand and find myself volunteering for whatever needs to be done.


4th century Roman by summer and 12th century Viking in the winter

As a Roman, I lost my parents due to a battle. I was always the outcast and had nothing. But I earned everything I own and can stand on my own two feet. I may not be overly wealthy, but I have been successful. My main wealth comes from the relationships I have made with my adopted "children," other wayward and outcast people.

As a Viking, I carry the same background. My "children" are very important to me and I care for them, no matter who I am.

Offices & Positions

  • Central Regional Combat Archery Marshal, 2018-Present
  • Siege marshal, 2016-Present
  • Heavy Marshal, 2015-Present
  • Throwing Weapons Marshal, 2015-Present
  • Archery marshal, 2015-Present

Event Staff

  • Merchant Coordinator, The Great Northern Thyng, 7/5/2019-7/8/2019
  • CA and Siege Marshal in Charge, The Great Northern Thyng, 7/5/2019-7/8/2019

Projects & Publications

  • Name of Project/Publication, Other info, mm/dd/yyyy
  • List in Chronological order, oldest to newest

Awards & Honors

  • Award of Arms (East) 3/25/2017
  • Fiskur (East)(Barony of Dragonship Haven) 4/22/2017
  • Fiskur (East)(Barony of Dragonship Haven) 11/11/2017
  • Silver Wheel (East) 11/17/2018

In Case of Court

I would like to be notified in advance directly in case of court appearances, but not the content of why I am being called into court so that way I can prepare myself. Please also note due to circumstances my schedule is constantly changing, my court availability could change suddenly.

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