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Adelaide Wanderer

I was born in 1248 near Bremerhaven on the river Waser in Saxony to a family paper merchants who had strong beliefs that were often at odds with the excesses of the church. I came to the SCA in the East Kingdom in AS XXVI(1991) at the age of 29. I spent several years in he Canton of Northpass in the Province of Ostgardr before moving to the Barony of the Bridge where I live now with my good husband Johan. I was awarded arms (Per chevron argent and vert, in chief two foxes combattant proper.) by Mourah and Hans in their second reign and was named seamstress to the crown by the same. I am apprenticed to Baron Steffan ap Kennydd for research and my primary interests include Brewing, garb making, cooking, and collecting random tidbits of information, like SCA history, stories and songs.