Ulric von der Insel

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Resides: Barony of the Bridge
Status: Teacher, Herald Extraordinaire
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Award & Office Badges
OP, CB with GoA, OSC, AoA, QOC, OPoB, O du Pellerin,


Meister Ulric, Freiherr von der Insel. Former Troll Pursuivant, DuPont Pursuivant and Brigantia Herald, and currently Schwarer Turm Herald Extraordinaire. Order of the Pelican, Court Baron, Order of the Pillar of the Bridge.


Ulric was born in Lotharingia, raised near Strassbourg. He moved with his Lady Wife Clotilde to the East Kingdom to make his fortune and be worthy of such an esteemed bride.

Offices & Positions

Troll Pursuivant, Canton of Troolhaven DuPont Pursuivant, Barony of the Bridge Brigantia King of Arms, East Kingdom

Event Staff

Bridge Birthday autocrat Feast of the Gaunt Days autocrat

Projects & Publications

Compleat Anachronist #159: Unique Ministerials: Unfree Nobility, 2013

More Information

Teacher at Pennsic and the East Kingdom: German History, Heraldry (all sorts), How to Teach, Persona Development Heraldry Teacher Coordinator, Known World Heralds' and Scribes, Symposium