Ulfr Hofhorr

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Shines up good, don't he?
Resides: Mountain Freehold
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Nymph Nurse of Zeus delivers Milk and Honey... OR THE GORGON.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Maunche Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant


Úlfr Hofhórr has played in the SCA since like, 1987 or something.

Úlfr was cheap mercenary scum until he moved to Mountain Freehold in 1995. He Squired & Apprenticed to Master Tearloch the Profane around 2001, and proudly fights for the Northern Army.


Úlfr was a Viking but went back in time, to the Fall of Rome. ;) Úlf held a farm north of Mare Suebicum and yet heard of the far distant wonders of The Empire. For many years, Úlf served as a mercenary, under the Markland banner, fighting at Pennzack for beer, baubles and bellydancers. Eventually he came to serve as a Northern auxiliary to the Empire of Rome. As honorable punishment for sympathies to the upstart Alaric, he submitted his freedom and entered into the gladiatorial games. When possible, during the off season, Úlf travels home and might look and dress in the Northern fashion. During the time of the Summer Games, Úlf returns to Rome, where he is called The Thulian Gladiator; Úlf, of La Familia Gladiatoria. Úlf enjoys metalworking as well as playing music, song and storycraft. He may or may not have Rome's best interests at heart. ;)

Offices & Positions

Knight Marshal for the Shire of Mountain Freehold. AS LIII - LIII.

Retainer for Iaonnes & Honig, reign of AS LII.

Event Staff

Feast-o-crat. Rumble at the Speckled Trout Inn. AS XXXVII

Feast-o-crat. Rumble at the Speckled Trout Inn. AS XXXVI

Awards and Honors

Order of the Tyger Combatant, AS LII.

Order of the Gold Mace, honorary Midrealm OTC equivalent, AS LII.

Northern Region Arts & Sciences Champion, AS LII.

Unbelted Champions Alternate, AS XLIX, L, LIII & LIV.

Honor of the Mountain Freehold Rowan, Shire award for the arts. AS XXXVIII.

Order of the Maunche, for smithcraft. AS XXXVII.

Honor of the Mountain Freehold Corbie, Shire award for fighting valor, AS XXXVII.

Award of Arms, AS XXXVI

Northern Lights Pentathalon: Best Musical Performance in Period Style, Best in Woodworking & Third Place overall, AS XXXV.

Ulf's Smithcraft

Úlf is a certy-fied self-employed metalsmith IRL, and sells to SCAdian patrons in private as well as having sold at Birka numerous years. He makes silver & gold jewelry inspired by the Viking Age & Antiquity as well as pattern welded knives & swords.


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House Dragonhammer

La Familia Gladiatoria

Court Will

I don't mind court recognitions.

I do not wish to become a peer, should it ever come up.

I am Captain Ulf. ;)