Ulfeidr Artudottir

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Lady Ulfeidr Artudottir
Resides: Riding of Ravensbridge
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Úlfeiðr Artudóttir.jpg
Per bend purpure and sable, two wolves combatant and in base a raven volant argent
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel


Lady Ulfeidr Artudottir

I have my hands into many projects from archery to tablet weaving to illumination.

Receiving my award of arms at the great Northeastern War 2017 i continue to learn, educate, and help my kingdom grow.


Award of Arms Great Northeastern War 2017

Award of the Silver Wheel second virtual court of Magnus Tindal and Alberic von Rostock 2020


9th century Norse woman persona who is an archer and loves her kingdom and loves doing and learning skills of times gone by.

Offices & Positions

Archery Marshal (2016-2018)

East Kingdom Scribe (2018-current)

Event Staff

  • Head of Gold Key at Great Northeastern War 2022
  • Head of Security at Great Northeastern War 2019
  • Security Volunteer Birka 2019
  • Deputy Autocrat Harvest Moon 2018.
  • Infopoint Coordinator at the Great Northeastern War 2018.
  • Security Volunteer Birka 2018
  • Infopoint Coordinator at the Great Northeastern War 2017.

Projects & Publications

  • Learning illumination and calligraphy
  • Working on perfecting my tablet weaving
  • Lucet, which I have taught to others who wanted to learn this little hobby.

In Case of Court

In the event that Ulfeidr Artudottir is called into court, please notify Elisif Hoarr Kona and any or all of the Patriarchs from House of Rolling Thunder in Maine. She is fine either with a surprise or a previously announced summons.