Ulf Jagenteufel

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Lord Ulf Jagenteufel (fighting at Pennsic 45 as Tametomo no Takahiro)
Resides: Settmour Swamp
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Ulf Jagenteufel.

I started fighting in SCA in the late 1990s, then took a long break. I came back to the Society in 2012.

Joined the CDIV in 2013.

Squired to Sir Albrecht von Halstern at Mudthaw 2015.


My current name belongs to Ulf Jagenteufel, a German landsknecht.

In the interest of improving my fighting kit and setting myself an armoring/garb challenge, I've decided to fight the period from Pennsic War 45 to Pennsic War 46 as Tametomo no Takahiro, my samurai persona.

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Award of Arms at Mudthaw 2015