Tyger of the East

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Award Information
Type: Other Award
Founded: mm/dd/yyyy by Unknown
Premiere(s): Unknown
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The Tyger of the East may be awarded by the Crown to the individual who most embodies and personifies the ideals of the East Kingdom.



More Information

Awards of the East Kingdom
Society Awards: Award of Arms, Grant of Arms, Court Barony, Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Defense, Royal Peerage, Rose

Armigerous Orders: Silver Rapier, Silver Tyger, Silver Brooch, Apollo's Arrow, Silver Wheel, Silver Mantle
Orders of High Merit: Golden Lance, Golden Mantle, Golden Rapier, Maunche, Sagittarius, Silver Crescent, Tygers Combattant
Orders of Honor: Gawain, Sovereign's Order of Excellence, Consort's Order of Courtesy, Tyger's Cub, Terpsichore, Troubadours, Tyger of the East, Order of Gilder
Other Awards: Burdened Tyger, Augmentation of Arms, Blue Tyger Legion, Company of the Pennon of the East, Golden Lyre, Sovereign's Cypher, Sovereign's Award of Esteem, Order of Valor of the East, Consort's Cypher, Consort's Award of Esteem, Company of Fellowship
Closed: Artemis, Fatima, Guardsman, Pheon
Other Information: Customs & Traditions

06/14/2003 Harold von Auerbach 10/02/2004 Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen 10/30/2004 Marieke van de Dal 09/24/2005 Katherine Barr of Cumberland 03/25/2006 Brid nic Shéarlais 09/30/2006 Randal of the Dark 09/15/2007 Edward Zifran of Gendy 04/12/2008 Caitlin Davies 09/27/2008 Lucan von Drachenklaue 10/25/2008 Katherine Stanhope 10/03/2009 Alys Mackyntoich 04/10/2010 William O Donovan of Monmouth 04/02/2011 Ferall von Halstern “Kingmaker” 01/28/2012 Vissevald Selkirksson 07/14/2012 Krakken Gnashbone 03/23/2013 Alexandre Lerot d'Avignon 07/29/2013 Tanaka Raiko 02/08/2014 Johanna Dudley 07/26/2014 Gregor Heiseler 09/27/2014 Ygraine of Kellswood