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(Fieldless) A demi-tyger rampant azure
(Fieldless) A demi-tyger rampant azure
*06/14/2003 [[Harold von Auerbach]]
*10/02/2004 [[Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen]]
*10/30/2004 [[Marieke van de Dal]]
*09/24/2005 [[Katherine Barr of Cumberland]]
*03/25/2006 [[Brid nic Shéarlais]]
*09/30/2006 [[Randal of the Dark]]
*09/15/2007 [[Edward Zifran of Gendy]]
*04/12/2008 [[Caitlin Davies]]
*09/27/2008 [[Lucan von Drachenklaue]]
*10/25/2008 [[Katherine Stanhope]]
*10/03/2009 Alys Mackyntoich
*04/10/2010 William O Donovan of Monmouth, called Liam St. Liam
*04/02/2011 [[Feral von Halstern]] “Kingmaker”
*01/28/2012 [[Vissevald Selkirksson]]
*07/14/2012 [[Krakken Gnashbone]]
*03/23/2013 [[Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne]]
*07/29/2013 [[Tanaka Raiko]]
*02/08/2014 [[Johanna Dudley]]
*07/26/2014 [[Gregor Heiseler]]
*09/27/2014 [[Ygraine of Kellswood]]
*05/02/2015    Uilliam Twit of Witlow
*01/30/2016    [[Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon]]
*08/10/2016    [[Ruslan Novgorodcev]]
*01/28/2017    [[Catrin o'r Rhyd For]]
*10/07/2017    [[Mercedes de Calafia]]
*03/19/2018    [[Phillip Reed]]
==More Information==
==More Information==
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(Fieldless) A demi-tyger rampant azure
Award Information
Type: Order of Honor
Founded: 04/26/2003 by Darius II and Roxane II
Premiere(s): Harold von Auerbach
Recipients: Tygers of the East

The Tyger of the East was established April 26 A.S. 37, 2003, by Darius II and Roxane II, and may be awarded by The Crown to the individual who most embodies and personifies the ideals of the East Kingdom.

During any one reign, no more than one individual will be bestowed with the Tyger of the East. An individual may be recognized in this way no more than once.


(Fieldless) A demi-tyger rampant azure

More Information

Awards of the East Kingdom
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Armigerous Orders: Silver Rapier, Silver Tyger, Silver Brooch, Apollo's Arrow, Silver Wheel, Silver Mantle
Orders of High Merit: Golden Lance, Golden Mantle, Golden Rapier, Maunche, Sagittarius, Silver Crescent, Tygers Combattant
Orders of Honor: Gawain, Sovereign's Order of Excellence, Consort's Order of Courtesy, Tyger's Cub, Terpsichore, Troubadours, Tyger of the East, Order of Gilder
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