Trentus Nubianus

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Resides: Carolingia
Status: Member of House Serpentius and Crimson Company
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant
  • Order of Perseus (Carolingia)


Trentus (The Swift one) is a former messenger to Gaius Marius, turned gladiator after Marius' defeat to Lucius Cornelius Sulla, and freedman after purchasing freedom. Personal glory means nothing to Trentus. Honor and loyalty mean everything. The kindness shown to him by the Roman commander Tiberivs will forever link him to his cause. Trentus's proficiency with great-sword and glaive has earned him respect. His ability to maintain focus in times of chaos have earned him praise, but he strives to better himself with the art of command. Trentus is constantly searching for strengths and weaknesses in allies, as well as enemies, and in both individuals and large formations. He assist in anyway possible.

Trentus Nubianus has earned freedom, he dreams of earning citizenship.

Trentus Nubianus is squire to Sir Gareth Grey de Wilton

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