Tomas Wormwood

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Resides: Shire of Hartshorn-dale
Status: active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Wormwood Heraldry.jpg

Per bend sinister argent and azure, a brown hawk stooping to sinister proper.
Award & Office Badges


Formally I am Lord Tomas Wormwood, but I generally eschew the title and completely ignore the first name...Wormwood is how everyone that knows me addresses me.


I don't have a very well defined persona. Due to associations with others, I tend to lean towards a late-period pirate/privateer type look.

Offices & Positions

MoL, Shire of Hartshorndale, 2003ish through 2008ish
MoL-at-Large, 2008ish through the present
Company Housekeeper (equivalent to Seneschal), Known World Players, 2015 to present

In Case of Court

I like the thrill of a surprise, contact can be done via my wife, Maire ni Sheaghdha. I prefer in-person award ceremony, not virtual.

More Information

Sadly not active a many local events, but I do a lot at Pennsic...from stage troll putting together the Performing Arts Tent, to managing the Known World Players, to crewing guns at the cannon line. All under the semi-watchful eye of my Pelican, Master Lorcan Dracontius, OP.

I also love trebuchets, and am the current keeper of our Shire's small trebuchet, which doesn't get nearly enough use.


Aside from receiving my AoA, I was given a Token of Inspiration by his Majesty Consort Alberic von Rostock at the Crown Tournament of Alberic & Tindal