Tiberius Tarius Britannicus

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Tarius and Gaia
Resides: Dragon Dormant
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Purposed Arms
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Silver Rapier


Dominus (Lord), Tiberius Tarius Britannicus has resided in the Barony of l'Ile du Dragon Dormant since August of 2001. Prior to this, he was a citizen of the Barony of Ruantallan. AoA (2002), OSC (2005), OSR (2011)


In the year later known to the Christians as Anno Domminus 100, in the province of Britannia, a Tiberius Tarius Maximus, a senior Centurion in the Legions and a minor noble of the Empire, sired a child by a woman of the Dumnonii tribe. The screaming whelp, was raised by his mother in both the Latin culture of his Father and in the celtic ways of her people.

At the age of 16, being of noble birth, though not possessing the sophisticated education of a citizen native to Rome, the young man Tiberius Tarius Britannicus (as he was of Britannia), was dispatched to the Imperial Legions so that he might fight for the glory of the Empire. His training began in the usual way that a nobleman's son does; weapons drills, theory, tactics, logistics, supply, terrain, geography, and of course a detailed study of the enemy.

By his twentieth year, through perseverance and distinction, Tarius Britannicus was given a commanding officers rank in the Singulares of Britannia, as a junior Centurion. Before he would celebrate his twenty first year, Tarius Britannicus, received a notice of transferal, from the Governors Guards of Britannia, to no less than the Praetorian Guards in the Imperial City of Rome. Upon discovery, the plotting of the Emperor Hadrian’s own guardsmen had created wide openings within the Imperial Bodyguard’s ranks. Taking with him a selected handful of Celtic savages, to act as his own personal guards and retainers against the machinations of the entrenched guardsmen, Tarius made his way to the Imperial City.

The transferal itself was only notable insofar as traditionally the officers of the guard had come from the Latium, Umbria and Etruria. A few exceptions had taken place, but the purge of guardsmen caused the need to draw further a field. As a Centurion in the Emperor’s bodyguard, Tarius Britannicus wanted for few of the niceties that the Imperial city could provide. Within months of arriving, he found himself with considerable wealth (pay among the Officers of the Guard often being three to six times that of the legions) and a certain amount of decoration and prestige (more than the son of minor noble could often hope for).

As an officer of middling rank with the guard, Tarius Britannicus journey about the Empire with Emperor Hadrian, inspecting many of the borders that soldiers were called upon to defend. The vast majority of these trips were uneventful, seeing little need to act as any more than a ceremonial guard to the Imperator. A notable exception to this continual tedium was a trip along the Germanic front in 124. During this trip, the Praetorian Prefect ordered an excursion of guardsman to cross the lines, in search of a nobleman’s daughter, who had been reported as a captive to a tribe of barbarians. The rescue was successful and Gaia Caelia Angulus was returned to the safety of the Empire. Along the way, a romantic development occurred between Tarius and Gaia, leading to her return to Rome with the Emperor’s entourage.

Tarius’ contacts were many thanks to his rotation of duties, frequently coming into contact with delegations and representatives from all over the Empire. With such ready access to merchants and diplomats, his wealth continued to grow at a speedy rate. As a trusted advisor to his superiors and an apt commander, Tarius Britannicus soon enjoyed a reposting to London, heading up a small contingent of Praetoria permanently stationed in Britannia.

Given free reign to travel the province, Tarius and his guardsman now range far and wide, often finding themselves in the lands of tribal chieftain’s who are not fully aware of the power of the growing Empire.

Offices & Positions

  • Deputy of Fencing for Dragon Dormant (2002-2004)
  • Shire Herald for Dragon Dormant (2004-2005)
  • Captain of Fencing for Dragon Dormant (2004-2005)
  • Deputy Seneschal for Dragon Dormant (2005)
  • Regional Webmaster (Jan 2008-2010)
  • Tir Mara Marshal of Fence, 12/15/2004 to Present

Event Staff

  • Kings Medieval Society Falling Leaves Event (2000)
  • Rapier MIC; Winter War (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)
  • Eastern MIC for Border Spat V (2004)
  • Rapier MIC; Northern Shores Warcamp (2004)
  • Rapier MIC; Mead Meat and Moldavians II (2004)
  • Autocrat for Fires of the Equinox - RP of HRH Thorson (2004)
  • Autocrat for King and Queens Rapier Championships - RP of HRM Thorson and HRM Svava (2005)
  • Co-Autocrat for Fires of the Equinox - (2005)
  • Joint Autocrat for Fall Harvest/Border Spat - (2005)
  • Autocrat for Pennsic Pity Party - (2006)
  • Rapier MIC; Fires of the Equinox (2006)
  • Emergency Co-Autocrat for Fires of the Equinox - (2006)
  • Autocrat for Fall Harvest - RP of HRM Lucan and HRM Jana - (2006)
  • Rapier MIC; Regional Rapier Championship - (2007)
  • Rapier MIC; Pennsic Pity Party - (2007)
  • Co-Autocrat for Pennsic Pity Party - (2007)
  • Rapier MIC; Baronial Rapier Championship - (2009)
  • Autocrat for De Bello Gallico - (2009)
  • Autocrat for Tir Mara Rapier Championship - (2011)

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