Thory Vedardottir

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Thory at St. Eligius.
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, a winged ounce rampant within an orle argent.
Award & Office Badges


My name is Þórý Veðardóttir. (It's said like "Hooray!" with more Thor.) I'm new to the Society and always happy to learn more about it.


I'm a Shield Maiden and sailor from the village of Tønsberg in the Northlands. According to the ridiculous Christian method of tracing years, it's 994. 

Offices & Positions

I haven't held an office yet.

Event Staff

I haven't been Event Staff yet.

Projects & Publications

I haven't published anything. Yet.

More Information

I joined the Society in March of AS 47. I began my journey as a Device Herald at Pennsic 42. I Authorized for Fencing in December of 48. I became a Chirurgeon in Training in December of 48.