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== In Case of Court ==
== In Case of Court ==
*Please do not surprise due to anxiety.  
*Please do not surprise due to anxiety.  
*Please summon to RP event in advance or use a writ.
*Please summon to an RP event in advance or use a writ.
*Please address me as Noblis Thory and use they/them pronouns.
*Please address me as Noblis Thory and use they/them pronouns.

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Þórý at Pennsic 44
Resides: Shire of Quintavia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, a winged ounce within an orle argent.

Badge: Fieldless, on a Thor's hammer sable, in fess the runes Thorn, Othila, Raido, Eoh argent.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel


My name is Þórý Veðardóttir (THOR-ray VAY-der-daw-ter). My name is said like "Hooray!" with more Thor. This is my a silly mnemonic. Since I have a hard time remembering other people's names, I like to make my name easier to remember.

I joined the Society for Creative Anachronisms in anno societatis 47, and became a Herald at Pennsic 42. I'm also a Norse (Viking) Shield Maiden, and a novice Heavy List Fighter. (I'm a slow learner when I'm not dealing with books.)

I am the Pallet Herald of the East Kingdom. This means I help people choose and register their heraldry, and I can draw their heraldry and prepare the paperwork for them.

​I have been assigned female, but I am genderqueer. The pronouns I prefer are they, them, and theirs. (Please refer to me with these pronouns instead of she, her and hers.) The Society is working on creating titles for people who do not feel that they are male or female. I have been Awarded Arms, so I ask to be addressed as Nobilis Þórý instead of Lady Þórý.


I'm a Viking Shield Maiden and sailor from the village of Tønsberg in the Northlands. According to the Christian method of counting years, it's 994 A.D. Like many other sailors, I follow Thor. I usually bring my Runestones to gatherings and enjoy giving readings.


Class Handouts

Activity and Information


I am one of the Heralds responsible for of the Heraldic Traceable Art Project, a vector art based image library for Heraldry. It has replaced the Traceable Art 3.0. I'm primarily an Art Herald, and am a Heraldic Deputy to the Brigantia Herald.

My device is 'Azure, a winged ounce within an orle argent.' This means my shield has a blue background, with a silver winged cat in the default posture, rampant. The orle is the extra silver border. The design comes from a combination of heraldry of my favorite author's two lady knights. Tamora Pierce first wrote about Alanna the Lioness, whose shield is red with a gold lioness rampant. Her second lady knight, Keladry the Protector of the Small, has a blue shield with a silver owl and a silver orle, a detail which distinguishes a lady knight in her books.

As a Herald, I consider myself an honorary member of House Ravenclaw, and my favorite colors are blue and silver. I don't like owls, and the Mountain Lion is my Patronus, so I wanted a silver lioness rampant on a blue field with the silver border. Due to the sheer enormity of registered devices in the Society with cats, this design conflicted with an already registered device. My consulting herald suggested putting wings on my cat, which I later learned was a very common solution for clearing conflicts. Since I was going for a combination of cat and owl, I was pleased with this alteration. My only regret is that my device is registered as an 'ounce' rather than a 'lioness' due to heraldic rules.

My other registered device is my Badge. Badges are lesser forms of Heraldry, usually simple designs that are easy to drawn, paint, or embroider onto personal items. Since I've been putting Thor's hammers on a number of my things that Muggles see, the Mjollner shape was a clear choice for me. To further distinguish this black Thor's hammer as my own, I wrote my name across it in silver Elder Futhark Runes: Thorn, Othila, Raido, Eoh. Since the Elder Futhark doesn't map perfectly to English, my name is spelled TH-O-R-EI.

In Case of Court

  • Please do not surprise due to anxiety.
  • Please summon to an RP event in advance or use a writ.
  • Please address me as Noblis Thory and use they/them pronouns.