Thomas de Castellan

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Thomas after being awarded the Order of Defense
Resides: Hartshorn-dale
Status: Active
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Thomas de Castellan arms.gif
Gules, four fleurs-de-lys in cross, bases to center Or, a bordure Or semy-de-lys gules
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Golden Rapier Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Pelican Companion of the Order of Defense


Thomas de Castellan attended Pennsic XX as his first event. He has been a longstanding figure in the rapier community, is a court herald and former Brigantia Herald and has served as a frequent deputy to the Society Rapier Marshal.

Offices & Positions


Member of Sharc Pit

Past Cadets:

Former squire to Tanaka Raiko

More Information

Thomas was awarded the rank of Herald Extraordinary and granted the title of Treblerose Herald Extraordinary.