The Virtues of Queen Thyra

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Written at the request of King Edward in 2012 to praise his queen. His bard, Matthew Grymm (Grim the Skald), rendered this in Rhyme Royal.
Now hear the gift of Eastern Monarch true,
who offers praise by way of poet’s verse
to vaunted Queen of fearsome Tyger blue –
whose virtues are so varied and diverse
no poet could in faith be very terse;
but sadly we are lacking now in time
I offer you this short, unworthy rhyme

Now Thyra is no simple blushing bloom
to adorn the throne or hang off arm of king.
Her arrows are the source of warriors’ doom
and foes will know their death at sound of “twing;”
even mighty dragons felt their sting –
and though their mouth could pour a deadly flame
they fell to earth and perished just the same.

Not only nimble hands but agile feet
she has to dance a storm across the hall…
and ne’er more gracious hostess could you meet
with open arms she’ll welcome one and all.
A coral wading bird may come to call
she’d offer home most pleasant and serene
our regal, wise, courageous, kindly queen.

© Dan Marsh