The Heralding of Violante

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In A.S. 50, Master Grim the Skald was the Herald for Countess Violante do Porto in the Ladies of the Rose Tournament. When she came in, bourne on a shield, this is what he spoke:

Now listen well to this word-crafter
who brings tidings of a bright lady –
deep-minded and deft, daring in blade-strife,
Rose of the West, regal and wise,
inspiring to all in harsh spear-clash,
and friend of Viður – Violante has come!

She brings a horde of brave hus-carls,
both strong of arm and able of mind.
Tall Duke Edward East King three times
and hard of hand -- heavy his blows
Sir Matthew Moraveaous Avdenmork, swift-footed
Tyr of shield-clash – Tyger’s thanesman.
Godric hviti inn Ulfr ferocious as the wolf,
Kennimathor Geirrson great his sword-skill,
Tofi Jarnhefi eager in sword-thyng.

She also brings bold steel-wielders
with bright wound-fire wind-fast and sharp –
Malcom Bowman breast-piercing ogre
bold is his voice but brutal his strikes.
Gregor the Tall giver of wounds,
Thomas Monroe tireless fighter,
and this glad word-smith Grim the Skald.

Last but not least of this Lady’s thanes
hurlers of flight-swifts firers of bows –
Kobayashi Yutaka armored master
deft with yumi and dread his aim.
Cathain of Carolingia keen-eyed and brave.

These hus-carls have come with Countess Violante
to secure victory for this valiant Rose.
To all who stand in strife of swords
Against them beware – your end is nigh!

© 2015 Dan Marsh