The First of Snowberg

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This is written in the Old Norse Meter fornyrthislag by Magnús hvalmagi, though the general construction is inspired primarily by epic Anlgo-Saxon poetry.

It is the traditional charge of the Baronial Bard of Concordia to chronicle the deeds of the Snowberg Army at Pennsic. In AS 48, Magnús hvalmagi held the position of Baronial bard, but could not witness the Pennsic battles. Instead, he recounted the tale of the origin of the Snowberg army - the tale of a long-lost warrior of the north whose bravery inspired generations.

1. The world was joyous - wealth and peace were
found in all the lands - few were troubled.
But idle minds and idle souls
flourished in those fair fields of plenty.

2. A sin begat a greater sin,
and soon the ills of ailing hearts
tainted and tortured the track of men -
evils arose to wreak their doom.

3. Far to the west was found a cleftland
stretching deeply - still it is so named.
Deep in the belly of boiling earth
was birthed a beast of burning rage.

4. Of ache and hurt - of heart-woe and
sinful vengeance was sired the monster.
The enemy of man was eager to work
his schemes and plots through the sky-burner.

5. The worm of flames on wings of smoke
took to the sky and scoured the land.
It razed cities and ruined farmland -
its greed begat a grief profound.

6. Too little it owned - the land was ripe
and rich with prizes it possessed not.
Its wanting grew for want of grace,
and with it grew the rage of the wrathful demon.

7. To the East it gazed - a gainsome plot
it thought that place - a prize to claim.
From the air it loosed an oily flame-gout
and landed in the ruins it left behind.

8. Where trees once stood now stained earth
alone could be found - no life survived.
The woodlands rusted like weapons of iron
where the creature stopped - still they are so named.

9. To the north lay the linden-halls.
A cry went out - the oaks of battle
moved to reclaim their calloused soil!
Fierce the fighting - the flame-clash of
sturdy trees of trials was felt in
every land and in every hearth.
Your King calls out, come to his side!
Let Tiger’s roar rouse you to battle!

11. Concordia heed the call of war!
Bergental rise! To battle we go!
Your fame will not fade if this fray takes you
Deeds on this day endure for all time!

©2013 Peter Olsen