The Chain of the Faithful

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Of the knightly virtues perhaps none is more commonly forgotten than faith. Those who know the great trials who have been tested and found wanting who have dared greatly and strode gallantly know that when there is nothing left there is still always faith. Faith need not be in a higher power, faith can be in a man, a team, a crown, an ideal. Faith grants the power to persevere in the face of all adversity. The Unbelted Tygers are a union forged in blood and steel. They push from the back and pull from the front, leaving each their mark upon the team until they achieve the accolade and are removed from the team by means of promotion.


Those Tygers who have transitioned into chivalry from the teams champions both heroic and melee have donated the links of their chains of fealty to weave a chain to be worn by Unbelted Champions captain. The chain is adorned with a reliquary containing earth from the Pennsic field.

Known Contributors

Duke Brennan Macfergus

Count Thorson

Viscount Antoni Machinevik

Sir Culann Mac Cianain

Sir Cedric of Amorica

Sir Douglas Henry

Sir Hrafn Bonesetter

Master Tiernan Mcalpin

Sir Cassius Pontus

Sir Baptiste Al Kalakal

Sir Mathew

Sir Ryouko'jin of Iron-skies

Sir Ajax

Sir Simon Montgomery

Sir Harold Hawkinson