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Thaddeus at 100 Minutes War XXX
Resides: Shire of the Rusted Woodlands
Status: Active non-member
Awards: Order of Precedence

Wiracocha Heraldry.jpg
Purpure with two white skulls with red third-eye and sable per chevron with white horseshoe crab targeant inverted.

Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger Blue Tyger Legion


Thaddeus the Seer is a Piast Dynasty skirmisher nearing the end of the 14th century. He began fighting in the East Kingdom in the Shire of the Rusted Woodlands circa 2018 CE. In that time he has accumulated friends who support him on the battlefield ranging from the Knights of Nutley to House Carpathia which also showed him the value of honor and service. He now proudly serves as squire for King Ryouko'jin of the Iron Skies, Demon of the East and is a companion of House Carpathia under Dread Lord Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey.


Thaddeus the Seer can be described as a warrior from the 14th century at the time period observing the years of King Władysław I Łokietek's reign in Poland along with the rising pressure from when Golden Horde had began to dominate the eastern fringes of Europe. Mainly because of his belief system, a monolithic Piast Dynasty setting would not entirely support him; giving him the reason to escape Christendom in favor of fighting with and learning from other polytheistic groups. Paganism and gnostic ideologies are a driving force for Thaddeus' motivations to fight and academic delve into occult sciences. The work of spellcraft and entheogens fuel primeval divinations into prehistoric, archetypal, and arcane knowledge of the known world to collect the wisdom of human ancestors. At this time he inhabits the East with the sentiment of his own homeland and culture in his heart, but he knows that there is more to gain by adventuring forth and collecting interdisciplinary wisdom from all.

Offices & Positions

Squire to Ryouko'jin, the Demon King of Three Heavens.

Companion of House Carpathia.

Sergeant combatant in the Southern Army Black Lance, awarded as Blue Tyger Legion at Pennsic XLIX.

Inducted into the Order of the Silver Tyger at 100 Minutes War XXXI, AS 56, 2021.

Won the office of Baronial Champion of Concordia at War of the Roses in May, AS 57, 2022.

Award of the Rabbit and Moon at Olympic River Wars I, AS 57, 2022

Event Staff

Projects & Publications

Thaddeus has avidly mentioned his interests in beginning projects and publications. His arts and sciences directives center mostly around reconstructions of Pre-Columbian era artifacts from the New World and documenting the cultures of the Western Hemisphere; claimed to be revealed to him by an epiphany from Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent God. He has also chosen the path of occultism as the science he researches documentation for in hopes to spread publications about in-period theology, metaphysics, and ritual magic.

In Case of Court

Contact Thaddeus if there is a task he must prepare to complete for court or if he is a part of a group effort in the proceedings. If you wish to call him for court as a surprise please contact King Ryouko'jin, Dread Lord Klaus Winterhalter von Walachey of House Carpathia, or Sir Tanaka Raiko. Please address Thaddeus as he/him/his and using the byname is not required.

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