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Canadian Territories of the East Kingdom
US Territories of the East Kingdom


A Kingdom is a political subdivision in which the ceremonial heads are the King and Queen (together they form the Crown). Twice a year Crown Tournament is held, and the winner of the list and their consort becomes Prince and Princess, until Coronation in which they are invested as King and Queen.


At this time there are no independent principalities of the East.


  • A Region is an administrative subdivision of the Kingdom, containing several local territories. Regional deputies support the Kingdom officers and work with local officers.
  • The Crown Principality of Tir Mara is a ceremonial geographic subdivision within the East Kingdom comprising all areas with modern Canadian Postal Codes. Tir Mara does not have rights, obligations, authority, or responsibilities different from or greater than any other administrative region within the East Kingdom. All references to ‘Region’ in East Kingdom Law shall be read as including Tir Mara. All Tir Mara officers are regional deputies to the respective East Kingdom officers and serve at the pleasure of said officer. -East Kingdom Law VII.F


A Barony is a political subdivision in which the ceremonial heads are a Baron and/or Baroness. The Baron and Baroness are installed by the Crown after following Kingdom Law for selection.

  • The Crown Province of Ostgardr is equivalent to a Barony in every way. (East Kingdom Law VII.G.)


A Province is a political subdivision like a Barony, but without the ceremonial head.


A Shire is a political subdivision of less than Baronial status which is independent of all Baronies.


A Canton is a political subdivision within a single Barony which encompasses a fractional part of the Barony.


A Riding is a political subdivision within a single Province which encompasses a fractional part of the Province.

More Information

Eastern Territories
Crown Principalities/Regions: Tir Mara, Northern Region, Central Region, Southern Region
Baronies/Provinces: Østgarðr, An Dubhaigeainn, Bergental, Beyond the Mountain, Bhakail, Bridge, Buckland Cross, Carillion, Carolingia, Concordia of the Snows, Dragonship Haven, Endewearde, Havre des Glaces, Iron Bog, L'ile du Dragon Dormant, Malagentia, Ruantallan, Settmour Swamp, Smoking Rocks, Stonemarche
Shires: Anglespur, Ar n-Eilean-ne, Avonmore, Barren Sands, Blak Rose, Bois Ardent, Caer Adamant, Coill Tuar, Coldwood, Eisental, Frosted Hills, Glenn Linn, Hadchester, Hartshorn-dale, La Selve d'Aure, Lyndhaven, Midland Vale, Montevale, Mountain Freehold, Nordenhalle, Northern Outpost, Old Stonebridges, Owlsherst, Panther Vale, Quintavia, Rusted Woodlands, Smithwick, Wyndhame
Cantons/Ridings: Appleholm, Aschehyrst, Black Icorndall, Bowman's Rest, Brokenbridge, Distant Shore, Dragon Forge, Dragon's Aerie, Fennbrycg, Forestgate, Gryphonwald, Hawkes Reache, Ivyeinrust, Keep by the Endless Sea, Lions End, Marwick, Northpass, Ravenhill, Sea Tyger's Rhyn, Seashire, Towers, Wyndriche, Ynys Y Gwaun
Other Information: Former Territories, Kingdoms