Taichleach an Chomhraic mac Ualghairg

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Taichleach an Chomhraic mac Ualghairg
Resides: Barony of Smoking Rocks
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Taichleach an Chomhraic-Device Color.jpg
Per Chevron inverted Vert and Argent, a Death's Head and a Snaked Nowed, Counterchanged
Award & Office Badges


For those wondering, pronunciation is Tah-lick, uhn Hoo-Rick, Mac, Oool-garg. Simple enough, right? (Sorry in advance, Court Heralds!)


  • A member of The Freehold of the Riverkeep, fighting in the Northern Army for the Kingdom of the East.
  • Squire in service to Master Tiernan Mac Alpin

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Taichleach is a 14th C. Irish Gallowglaigh. Born on a farm in poor economic conditions, he worked long days tending the crops and the few remaining cattle. During the Battles throughout Ireland, Scottish Mercenaries, called Gallowglaigh, scouted the lands looking for young and ambitious farm boys to recruit to their clan. Taichleach was one of these recruits.

Offices & Positions

  • Lord Protector of Smoking Rocks, Barony Birthday May 2017

Event Staff

None... Yet.

Projects & Interests

  • Learning and Growing in all areas of Heavy List Combat
  • Chainmaille working (Armor and Jewelery)
  • Name and Device Heraldry