Tadcaster Militia

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Our glorious leader, Ian Raven of Tadcaster.
Founded: 2001
Status: Extremely Active
Tad badge v1.png
(Fieldless) a rapier inverted sable surmounted by a roundel argent ermined vert, a raven contourny reguardant sable.
Award Badges
Blue Tyger LegionDragteeth.PNG


The Tadcaster Militia is a group of men and women drawn together by a love of rapier combat and other ridiculous things. The primary fencing practice occurs in the Barony of Bhakail. Please follow this link for a more complete explanation.


Be happy that reason led us to not chose as name the Bhakail Academy of Defense (BAD) and the Academy of the Sable Salamander (ASS).


The Honor of Tadcaster

Whoever possesses the Honor of Tadcaster passes it to any member whom he judges as being most worthy of possessing it. This happens once or twice a year. It is currently held by Lord Lorenzo Gorla at the judgement of Don André l'Épervier.

More Information

Tadcaster militia.