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T.O.A.D. War Banner
Founded: AS ?
Status: active
(Fieldless) Three toads tergiant conjoined in pall at the feet vert
Award Badges
Blue Tyger LegionDragteeth.PNG

TOAD is an acronym that stands for "Them OGRs' Academy of Defence". So TOAD Academy is actually "Them OGRs' Academy of Defence Academy". Kind of silly and repetitive, but that pretty well describes us.


But that does not answer the question, what is TOAD?

TOAD started out with seven members who combined together for the Atlantian 5-Man Melee.

Ok, 7 people for a 5 person team, something doesn't add up here. The original TOADs were Dona Mercedes, Don Ricardo, and their cadets, Emeline, Ronan, & Xavier. The name TOAD was originally an acronym for the "Two OGR Academy of Defence". Due to injuries, replacements needed to be found, adding Don Antonio and Malcolm, thus bringing the team to seven members. TOAD as an acronym still worked, only it was now the "Three OGR Rapier Academy". Well, since that point, many years ago, all the original members of TOAD have now been created as members of the Order of the Golden Rapier (OGR). Thus the name had to change after it was more than three, so it became "Them OGRs' Academy of Defence" or just TOAD.

Others have said TOAD stands for:

  • Tarkesh of Artemisia's Dragoons
  • Tough, Old, and Dangerous
  • Too Old and Damaged
  • Tired, Old and Deranged
  • Too Obsessed About Details
  • They're Obnoxious And Demented

TOAD, now with franchises in the East Kingdom, Trimaris, Atlantia, An Tir, and Atenveldt.


  • Christobal Piqueno (Chris Acosta) - Rest in Peace

Group Awards

  • Dragteeth.PNG Lutr
  • Blue Tyger Legion Kelson & Geneviere
  • Artisans to the Crown - Konrad II and Brenwen II