Syrine Al-Sakina Bint Houriya

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Photo by Benoît Dubé, 2015
Resides: Havre des Glaces
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Blue Tyger Legion Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


Syrine discovered the SCA in 2014 through friends, at the Duché de Bicolline where would be held, few months later, the new version of the Beltaines, in Tir Mara. In her mundane life, she has a Bachelor in Business Administration at Université Laval. She has also studied fiber arts in college, for three years. Finally, she's a professional oriental dancer (often referenced to bellydancer).

She has found, in the SCA, a way to manage events, share knowledge, teach techniques, perform and, most of all, learn.

She is also a heavy fighter since 2016

Syrinearmor.jpg Photo by Brenden Crane Syrinecaftan.jpg Photo by Brenden Crane SyrineatBalfars.jpg Photo by Clay Patrick McBridge


Furûsiyya! Asabiyya!

These are the words you hear when Al-Karakal's soldiers are on their way to war.

Syrine, as every other fighter of Al-Karakal, is a mamluk, a slave soldier. Forever in the service of the king, their conquests brought them great power and wealth.

Projects & Interests

  • Heavy fighting
  • Fiber arts (sewing, weaving, dyeing, spinning, embroidery)
  • Oriental dance (bellydancing)
  • Illumination

Event Staff

  • Registrations coordinator, The Beltaines 29th edition, 06/18/2016
  • Deputy Co-Autocrat, The Beltaines 30th edition, 06/24/2017
  • Co-Autocrat, The Beltaines 31st edition, 06/08/2018
  • Co-Autocrat, The Beltaines 32nd edition, 21/06/2019

Dancing Performance

  • Havre des Glaces Baronial Investiture Anniversary, 2019 (With Mistress Shadiyah and Rachel)
  • 12th Night's feast, 2019 (With Mistress Shadiyah)
  • Spring Crown Tourney's feast, 2016



  • Men at arms to Sir Baptiste of Al-Karakal
  • Apprentice of Mistress Shadiyah

Offices & Positions

  • Chatelaine for the Baronny of Havre des Glaces (since march 2018)
  • Barony of Havre des Glaces's A&S Champion (2018-2019)

Awards & Honors

  • Order of the Silver Lys for Baronny of Havre des Glaces, (Beltaines XXXII, June 2019), by Baron Godfroy de Falaise and Baronness Alisay de Falaise
  • Silver Brooch, (IDD's BIA, March 2nd 2019), King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna de la Mer
  • Blue Tyger Legion for Al-Karakal's fighters (100 Minutes War, November 17th 2018), by Queen Vienna de la Mer and King Wilhelm.
  • Award of Arms (Les Beltaines XXXI, June 9th 2018), by King Brennan and Queen Caoilfhionn.
  • Link of Courtesy (Les Beltaines XXXI, June 9th 2018), by Prince Antonii & Princess Ciar of the Mists.

In Case of Court

Please contact Sir Baptiste or Sir Mohammad of Al-Karakal