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Gallery of work by Svana Vefa

Gold Brocaded Birka Band

This is a 21 card band made of brown silk with 24K gold brocade. The design is inspired by grave finds at Birka. I wanted to make a band that was as similar as possible, in material and process, to bands created in that period. Bands like this survived decay (to an extent) because of the metal threads that were used to brocade them. The precious metal did not decay as much as the ground weave threads. I only wove about 5 inches of this band before I realized that I did not warp enough silk on my loom for the 12 inches I was striving for. I will definitely revisit this again in the future.

My first A&S Display

Recently, I visited my son's elementary school to show the children what Tablet Weaving is like. The children seemed to be the most interested in what materials the bands were made of. One group of kids acted completely shocked that you can make fiber from bamboo! You can never really predict how kids will react to anything. They seemed pretty bored by all of the historical info I was trying to explain to them. haha!

Red and Yellow weave


20/2 Silk Band, 37 Tablets, 3.5 Yards

This is tablet woven trim created using the "Threaded In" technique. It took a long time to finish this one but it was worth it. I wove this to decorate a brown wool Kaftan that I made. Now it's probably my favorite piece of garb.

Iron Age Austrian Band

the original band had been excavated from an Iron Age salt mine in Hallstatt, Austria. Photo credit for the original image can be found here: https://www.academia.edu/11916994/Tablet-woven_Ribbons_from_the_prehistoric_Salt-mines_at_Hallstatt_Austria_results_of_some_experiments