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*[[Grim the Skald|Master Grim the Skald]]
*[[Grim the Skald|Master Grim the Skald]]
*[[Mikulaj von Meissen|Don Mikulaj von Meissen]]
*[[Mikulaj von Meissen|Don Mikulaj von Meissen]]
*Baron Kristhof Vasilii syn Daroslav

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Resides: East
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, a tower argent between two lightning bolts Or and in chief a snowflake argent
Award & Office Badges


The expectations are simple.

1). You fight with us at War and major events- Barring royal or Household obligations, when you show up at an event. You fight side by side with us. Certain events make that harder as teams are built from scratch. But do you best. 2) You have fun. We aren't a household. We are a unit that gets together and kicks butt. 3) See number two. 4) Wearing unit colors is optional. Many of us have multiple obligations and personal heraldry. Not to mention highly designed and customized garb. If unit garb is not going to work for you. Let's see if something else can be added to your stuff to remind everyone who just kicked their butt.

That's it. Pure and simple. It's about friends coming together to fight and crush people with a smile


Founding members

Active Unit Members