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Barony of Stonemarche
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Heraldry Needed
Location: Covers all of New Hampshire.



Meaning: A marche is a border area - this is reflected in the heraldry of Stonemarche, with its boudure invected: a stone marche. (Stonemarche's heraldry is full of allusions. The green and white coloring of the Barony's heraldry symbolizes the White Mountains and Northern Forests of New Hampshire, and its three castles represent the three smaller groups that united to form the Barony.)

Established: October 4th AS 18 (1987 C.E.), by Randall I and Marieke I. Morgan Arianblaidd and Megan Laine were the first Baron and Baroness.

Blazon: Per chevron vert and argent three castles within a laurel wreath all with in a boudure invected counterchanged.

Heraldic officer's title:

Awards: The Order of the Millstone - granted for service to the barony.

Newsletter: Carved In Granite.

Fighting Unit(s):

Former Territories of (name)

  • Shire of Branswatch, formed AS 12 (1981 C.E.). Branswatch was replaced by four other groups:
  • Canton of Anrhyfeddôd, formed AS 13 (1982 C.E.)
  • Shire of Belle Rive, formed AS 14 (1983 C.E.)
  • Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir, formed AS 14 (1983 C.E.)
  • Riding of Caer Penbledd, formed AS 15 (1984 C.E.).

A more detailed account of Stonemarche's history, plus the heraldry of the former groups, can be seen here.

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