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Barony of Stonemarche
Stonemarche arms.gif
Per chevron vert and argent three castles within a laurel wreath all with in a boudure invected counterchanged.
Founded: October 4th AS 18 (1987)
Location: New Hampshire.


A Barony in the Northern Region of the East Kingdom, Stonemarche was formally established on October 4th AS 18 (1987). Morgan Arianblaidd and Megan Laine were invested as the founding Baron and Baroness by Randal and Marieke.

Meaning: Stonemarche's heraldry is full of allusions. The boudure invected represents the 'Granite State' (A marche is a border area like between England and Scotland. Therefore the device has a stone marche). New Hampshire's White Mountains and Northern Forests represented by the green and white field division. the three castles representing the Shire of Belle Rive, Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir and the Riding of Caer Penbledd uniting to form the Barony.

Established: October 4th AS 18 (1987)

Blazon: Per chevron vert and argent three castles within a laurel wreath all with in a boudure invected counterchanged.

Heraldic officer's title: Granite Pursuivant.

Awards: (See also The Awards section below)

  • The Order of the Millstone - granted for long service to the barony.
  • Golden Sword - Awarded to the "fighter (authorized less than a year and not yet fought at Pennsic) showing the most potential as chosen by the veteran fighters in attendance at the Golden Sword Tournament.
  • Golden Foil and Golden Arrow - As per Golden Sword, but in fencing and archery respectively.

Newsletter: Carved In Granite.

Fighting Unit(s): the Yeomen.

Barons and Baronesses of Stonemarche

Stonemarche Baronage

10/03/1987-02/01/1997 Morgan Arianblaidd & Megan ni Laine

02/01/1997-06/14/2003 Megan ni Laine & Harold von Auerbach

06/14/2003-01/26/2014 Juan Lazaro Ramirez Xavier & Maria Pagani

01/26/2014-01/26/2019 Dorio of the Oaks & Jocelyn del Espada

01/26/2019-Present Keziah Planchet & Deirdre Planchet

Territories of Stonemarche

The Barony of Stonemarche overlays the entire state of NH and claims stewardship of Giggleswick (those regions of Maine with zipcode 03***) For more details see below.

Former Territories of Stonemarche

Branswatch was replaced by four other groups:


In the Beginning

Map of Stonemarche

Originally the Southern part of the area known in the quotidian world as New Hampshire was settled as the Shire of Branswatch in AS 12 (1981). Eventually Branswatch was replaced by four other groups; the Canton of Anrhyfeddôd in AS 13 (1982); the Shire of Belle Rive, in AS 14 (1983); the Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir AS 14 (1983); and the Riding of Caer Penbledd AS 15 (1984).

When the Canton of Anrhyfeddôd was disolved in AS 17 the Kingdom Senechal ceded the lands to the Shire of Vatnaskvadstadir as he stepped down from office. At the time, Vatnaskvadstadir, and Bell Rive were negotiating between themselves to determine how to divide the lands of Anrhyfeddôd. After much negotiation, and conferences with the people of Caer Penbledd the three groups decided to join together and form a Barony.

Further meetings took place to decide the name of the new Barony, its arms and choose the founding Baron and Baroness. On October 4th AS 18 (1987 C.E.) the Barony of Stonemarche was officially created.

Giggleswick, Stonemarche Protectorate

Stonemarche Claim to Giggleswick, in English
Stonemarche Claim to Giggleswick, in the original Pig Latin

From times ancient beyond all memory or record, the people of Giggleswick have inhabited the southern region of Malagentia, mundanely corresponding to the southern half of York County, Maine.

For many years, the people of Giggleswick suffered under the yoke of Provincial Malagentia, whose officers would scold them for imaginary crimes and confiscate their mead.[1] But Giggleswickians are a proud race, and cannot by nature submit overlong to tyranny.

So it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from King Gregor II that the whole kingdom should be registered. During the "Great Zip Code Search" of A.S. 29, Seneschal Andre of Branswatch declared in bold fashion (some say accidental) that Stonemarche included all zip codes beginning with "03". Fatefully, the zip codes of Giggleswick also began with "03".

Unwilling to let legitimate pretext go to waste, their Excellencies Stonemarche declared war on Malagentia, effective April 1st. Unfortunately, the declaration of war was delivered in Pig Latin. Malagentia didn't realize they were under attack until the following Thursday, and Stonemarche was forced to declare victory by default.

Malagentia then reclaimed Giggleswick by force of arms at the Great Northeastern War, only to be confounded by Lady Elen Alswyth of Eriskay, a prominent Giggleswickian, who subsequently declared fealty to Stonemarche on behalf of her people.

Only His Majesty, Gregor II, King of the East could settle the dispute, and in his infinite wisdom gave a Royal Edict, that Malagentia shall own the land, and Stonemarche shall own its people.

To this day, the Baronage of Stonemarche claim the title, "Protectors of the People of Giggleswick", although successors to King Gregor II have yet to expressly renew the edict...

Occupants of Stonemarche

Citizens of Stonemarche refer to themselves as "Stonemarchians". The Major Households in Stonemarche are:

Other groups have presences within the Stonemarche Borders:

Guilds within Stonemarche Borders:


Emblazon Name Given for
SM Millstone.jpg Order of the Millstone Long service to Stonemarche in one of the fields: white cord for service, red cord for martial, green cord for arts.
SM WhiteGate.jpg Order of the White Gate Notable martial service
SM Lamp.jpg Order of the Lamp of Apollo Promoting an aspect of A&S
SM Furison.jpg Order of the Furison Service that Sparks and inspires others
SM Keystone.jpg Order of the Keystone Vert Outstanding service at Pennsic, either on the field or in camp.
TR.jpg Tabula Rasa Excellence among the youth of the Barony.

Other awards: The Baron’s Pearl and the Hammer of Stonemarche are more baronial whims.


Past or present, geographic or otherwise.

Ælfðryð the Cat
A'isha Bint Jamil
Ada Wright
Aelfwine Denedom
Angus O'Niall
Aeryn Fitzpatrick
Agnieszka Mlynarska
Ailís Ighean Mhuirghein
Aine Callaghan
Alan Donnachaidh
Alexandra Morgaine of Silverwood
Alheydis von Riga
Alric the Younger
Altani Khatagidai
Alton Hewes
Amalie von Hohensee
Amethysta of Kensington
Anastasia of the Oaks
Andre of Branswatch
Anjuili Foljambe
Anna Dimitriova Belokon
Anne Gryffyth
Arastorm the Golden
Ariadne Cecilia Caldera
Ariel de Narbonne
Arpidfin Vidor
Artemas Maximus
Arthur Watson
Arwen Sothernwood
Ástríðr Sægeirsdottir
Astryda Borowska
Avram ben Yakov ha-Yansuf of Stonemarche (Yanulf ben Nathan)
Batujin Nasan
Berengere d’Acre
Bilgisayar al Hisson the Horse Trader
Blosgaidh O'Ghabhain (Dana Mor)
Bogdan of Novogorod
Bregowine of Horseheath
Brendan the Harper
Brian of Stonemarche
Brianna Yseulte Wynman
Bruinnech Longstrider
Cailleach Dhe Clannach
Caitriona Meehan
Calum Friseal
Camron McAuly
Carmelina de Vicarri
Cassandra Hobbes
Catherine Peacock
Cecily of Stonemarche
Cecily Windham
Chiara of Ravena
Christina Elizabeth (Bethra)
Ciarnait inghean Bhroin
Coenric of Scarborough Marsh
Colin mac Eoain mec Lachlainn
Collach Ó Chóda
Cormac Longstrider
Corwin Blackthorn
Cynric the Dabbler
Cynthia of Oakenwode (Cyndr)
Cynyr ab Aneirin
Dafydd "uck" Ó Nuallain
Dag Alreksson
Daisy of Stonemarche
Damian MacWard
Dana the Unredy
Daniel of Stonemarche
Deirdre O'Connell
Deirdre Planchet
Diana of Stonemarche
Dimitri Petrovich Chornicov
Diomedes Sebastianus
Donna Le Queux
Dorio of the Oaks
Dughal McCafferty
Duncan Forbes
Durkin MacWard
Eadaoin Inghean Eoghain
Eadric Wiglafson
Edgithe Hlammandi
Ekkehardt of Oakenwode
Elen Alswyth of Eriskay
Engraçia de Madrigal (Caitlin Longstrider)
Estefania del Bosque
Evan Hardrada
Fearghus MacGregoure
Fia Kareman (Amy of Malagentia) Fianachet Karmen
Fionnghuala inghean Mhic Ceallaigh
Fortune Sancte Keyne
Freydis Thorsteinndottir (Frenya)
Freygerðr of Visby
Friedrich Parcifal von Osterreich
Frostulf the Swordsman
Gareth of Stonemarche
Gavin MacAuley
Gerhardt von Hohensee
Gilcryst MacLochlainn
Gregor McLaughlin
Grimaold of Wyndhame Shire
Guillaume de Gonzac
Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragon Keep
Gwydion Hunt
Harold von Auerbach
Haziz of Stonemarche
Heinrich von Auerbach aus Ulm
Hildemar von Regensburg
Ian Gunn
Ian Reid-McGaffin
Iddo of Stonemarche
Ina Rowena of the Mist
Isabel MakDonald
James Edmund of Aberedw
Jocelyn de Vaselais
Jocelyn della Spada
Joshua of Allendorf
Juan Lazaro Xavier Ramerez
Julian Ridley
Julien McBain
Katarina Helene von Schonborn
Katharina Helene von Hohenheim
Keziah Planchet
Kieran Longstrider
Knuttir Dottin
Kristen Spinster
Krzyslaw "Kythe" Szubielka
Leo MacCullan
Liliana Michaella of Cinnamon Grove
Lilie of Eastham
Lucan von Drachenklaue
Lucien de Wyntere
Lucius Cassius Magnus
Lysken die Waeyr
Magdalena von Regensburg
Magnus Morte
Maria Pagani
Mariot de Berwic
Martin Waterspear
Matilda Wynter
Megan ni Laine
Michael de Calais
Morgan of Stonemarche
Nicholas of the North
Nuala MacKensie
Nyven Fiach
Olaf of Trollheimfjord
Osmond de Berwic
Rachel the Goatwoman
Ragnar MacHardy
Ranalt MacFirbis
Randall Brock
Rhiannon Dhubh
Richard le Hauke
Rob Roy MacThorfynn
Robert of Stonemarche
Rosaline Wright
Rosie of Flintheath
Rowena Longstrider
Ruadh Cruid McFroude
Seaan o'Hagan
Seosamh Ó Chóda
Shyvan Floyd
Simona bat Leon
Stefan Joseph
Stephan of Silverforge
Syele von Heidelberg
Syszczyna z Pieszczatki
Séigíne Ruadh Friseal
Tadgh of Stonemarche
Tamooj of Aldea
Tegwen ferch Cydifor ap Bleddyd
Tessa Martini D'Agostino
Thaddeus von Orlamunde
Tomyris of Stonemarche
Toriijima Tsuru Tohaku
Trian O'Bruadair
Ulfarr Craeftig Bikkjusonr
Ulfric Volundevson
Volmar Sollons
William Raven Hare
Wulfric the Black
Wulfstan Von Croop
Yitzhak ibn Yoshua
Zachary Kerr

More Information


  1. Disputed.

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