Sláine báen Ronán meic Robert

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Sláine báen Ronán meic Robert

Photo by Eanraig the Bonesetter

Resides: Barony of An Dubhaigeainn
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Smirking squirrel.jpg
Azure, a Squirrel sejant erect contourny maintaining upon a Tray Argent a Wooden Goblet Proper all within a Bordure Argent Six Acorns Proper

Drawn by Master Vettorio Antonello

Award & Office Badges
Smirking squirrel.jpg Companion of the Order of the Silver WheelThe Silver FeatherThe Bronze DuckThe Honor of the Sea Star
Minister of Lists Chatelaine Herald Chronicler


Lady Sláine heard about the SCA in the Late 1980's in High School. She hung out mundanely with members of House Three Skulls. She did not join the Society until her then teenaged daughter was looking to continue fencing after the intra-mural season ended.


Changed locations frequently due to marriage to frequently moving sailor/boatwright.

No real time or place, but prefers comfort over fashion in clothing. Frequently wears Viking.

Learned to Serve and to Scribe

as a way to get to know the important folk in new area,

and ingratiate herself to same - in order to better provide for her children.

This allows for wearing different styles.

More Information

Registered Heraldry

Pronounced Slay-nay bayn Row-nan meechk Robert

Spouse: both mundanely and in Society Ronan FitzRobert

Female and prefers feminine Pronouns.


Call me: 'Lady Sláine', or just 'Sláine'

Favorite Activities at an Event

Sláine in general likes to help. If she is on site and something needs doing, she will gladly assist, just ask.

She is a Beginner Scribe and Baby Herald... she can do shouty things

She is a former Baronial Chatelaine, (and everyone is a chatelaine) so can answer questions about the Society in general, and about her Barony in specific. She's also pretty good at finding someone who knows more about a given subject, and performing introductions.

She enjoys cooking and will help in the kitchen. She can peel, chop, & slice; general sous-chef type work.

Her go-to thing to do at any given event is to Retain for the Royals or Coronets. Loves to be able to see and hear everything that is going on in Court, and especially when there are "roving courts" or "fealty's on the fly." Loves knowing stuff, and finds this is one of the best ways to get the first hand knowledge

Offices & Positions


  • Deputy to Blue Tyger Herald: Diademe, East Kingdom, January 2019 to Present
  • Decision staff for Wreath Sovereign of Arms, East Kingdom January 2019 to Present.


  • Mistress of Lists, An Dubhaigeainn, January 2011 to December 2012
  • Deputy Chatelaine, An Dubhaigeainn, January 2013 to December 2013
  • Chatelaine, An Dubhaigeainn, January 2014 to December 2016
  • Deputy Herald, An Dubhaigeainn, October 2017 to June 2018
  • Baronial Herald: Drake Persuivant, An Dubhaigeainn, July 2018 to June 2022
  • Deputy Chronicler, An Dubhaigeainn, July2022 to Present


  • Member, Guild of the Outstretched Hand, August 2000 - Present

Projects and Publications

I have a couple of Blogs... For Service; the stuff I do For my work as a Scribe of the East

Contact me...

Awards, Favors, and Recognitions

AoA from Edward II and Thyra, 11/10/2012 Scroll by Melanie LaBerge

AoA for Sláine báen Ronán.jpg

85th Companion of the Silver Wheel from Ioannes and Honig 9/16/2017 Scroll by Mari Clock van Hoorne,

Sláine's Silver Wheel Scroll.jpg

Medallion by Antonii Machinevik

Sláine's Medallion.jpg
  • Baronial Silver Feather 9/24/2013 & 6/18/2022 and Bronze Duck Multiple times,
  • SeaStar from Vice Regalty of Ostgardr, Multiple times.

Favors received from

  • Vicereigne Johanna I Visby, OP

Court Will

Surprise me!!

Have in Court (ideally before I am called)

my Husband, Lord Ronan FitzRobert;

my Children, Lady Miriam Giant Slayer and Joel MacRonan; (ok, they're adults now and do not live in the area, but try)

and the Coronet of An Dubhaigeainn

Or as many of them as possible.

Ok to be out of Home Barony, ask my Husband, and/or Coronet to try to have as many Ducks present as possible. Very cool if being done at the same time as another award to a Duck... it will help me believe that the local crowd at out-of-area-event is for them rather than for me. Also can be used as the reason for me to attend, (and vice versa)

In Case of Peerage


Event Staff

See my Service Blog