Skaukatt Jormagundr

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50% smile,30% skaukatt, 20% whisky and wine(down from 80% the night before)
Awards: Order of Precedence
0% heraldry; 100% skaukatt
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger


Lord Skaukatt Jormagundr, Member of the Order of The Silver Tyger


Born in 840-902 AD along the River Liffey in a small fishing village a days sail from one the largest Norse Longphort's in eastern Ireland in what would become known today as Dublin. Freydis Gunnarsdottir was born the 4th child in a large family and was its last child and only son. His father had named the child before leaving to viking while the baby was still in the womb, under the assumption that the gods had decreed all of his children would become his shieldmaiden. No men, including his father, returned from that raid and out of respect to his fathers dying wishes, his mother named the boy Freydis. Freydis' life along this budding Norse stronghold, deep in Irish territory, was not an easy one and so Freydis left to viking on any longboat that would accept him as soon as he could pass for "of age".

After spending many harsh years living on longboats and surviving many raids Freydis' fortunes changed for the worse. The boat he was on capsized during a storm far outside of friendly territory. After miraculously being washed to shore with the remains of the longboat and some of his crew , he and his crew were captured by a merchant group and chained to a large group captives to be sold as slaves. Late one evening during transport to market Freydis fell ill and collapsed on the trail, halting the caravan in the dark. When one of the traders could not lift him to his feet, two more came to help lift him to his feet and that is when the remaining captives took their chance. For a norse it was better to die fighting in chains, in the mud, in the dark, than it was to live a life enslaved. The gods smiled on this desperate crew because as luck would have it the third merchant to come help lift Freydis off the ground also held the keys to the chains that bound the slaves. After seeing several of the slave merchants killed and the number of freed slaves escalating in the night, the rest of the merchant caravan fled into the woods that night.

Freydis awoke that night a free norse once again, but his honor was deeply tarnished. While he slept on the ground his freedom was earned by his fellow captors. Freydis was renamed in scorn by his fellow survivors that night. He was given the name Jormagundr as a tribute to the gods for making him so heavy that it took three of the merchants to attempt to lift him. Eager to regain his honor and with nothing else to offer the gods, Freydis Jormagundr went off into the woods to seek his captors and either gain vengeance or die in the attempt. Late in the evening, three nights after their initial escape, Freydis rejoined the remnants of his crew as they slept near a low fire while hiding in the woods. He was barely visible in the moonlight, covered in soot, dirt and dried blood. The only thing that could be seen of him was the glint of the low fire in his eyes and the reflection of the flame on the teeth in his smile. He brought with him in one hand a half dozen scalps and the other, three severed heads. Proof of his redemption, it was all that remained of the slave merchants who had fled into the woods. He threw them into the low fire, almost extinguishing it. "Build the fire high, no one searches for us tonight." His honor had been purchased with the blood of merchants. It took Freydis and the remaining crew three more nights to make their way to a small town on the coast, steal a boat and enough supplies to begin to make their way back to the relative safe waters of the River Jeffey. Soon after he was given the name Skaukatt, after the mythical Norwegian Forest cat, because of his preference to hunt and travel at night. Freydis happily accepted his new name but also kept his name Jormagundr. Both names were intertwined with his fate and it would have displeased the gods to disregard one in favor of the other. Surely it was the goddess Freyja who watched over her only namesake son throughout those long nights of vengeful slaughter and escape, and so he pledged to spend his remaining days serving Freyja, as a horse would serve its charioteer.

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