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House Silverwing Leading The East at Pennsic War L
Founded: 1978
Status: Active
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(Fieldless) A pair of wings conjoined in lure argent.
Award Badges


The household was founded by me (then called Samuel ben Isaac of Sarkel) in early 1978, very soon after I joined the SCA. The original notion was that it be a service organization, and this is reflected in the wording of our Carolingian charter. The household grew rapidly to 15 members, and flourished in the early 80's. The structure I had naively set up proved unwieldy after a few years, though, and after much thought, I decided we weren't, as a household, fulfilling the charter...although many of the individual members did quite good things indeed, and many continue to do so. I gave up the charter, and later reorganized the household more simply as myself and my lady, and those who had a feudal relationship to me: those from Old Silverwing who had explicitly chosen to join New Silverwing, plus any proteges, apprentices, yeomen, equerries or other feudal dependents. The Carolingian branch again became a chartered Carolingian household during the tenure of Baron Patri and Baroness Barbara.

The household name derives from my arms, which feature a silver (white) owl. (The mundane origin of this is an owl-shaped cookie jar on top of the fridge, which led to the coat of arms I designed when I was eight. The "persona" story is that the fictional Adenarian in Wales has a church or chapel in which is a reliquary containing two silver feathers which fell from the Archangel Gabriel's wing at the Annunciation).

House Silverwing takes pride in its heraldic legacy: four of us have served as Brigantia Herald, three as Golden Gryphon Pursuivant, one was the legendarily long-serving Shepherd's Crook Herald & Clerk of the Polls, and two of us are Herald Extraordinary. From our origins as an upstart group of non-armigerous newcomers, many of our members have earned recognition for both artistic achievment and service to the Society, and we count two Tygers of the East among us. Our members are also characterized by a long-standing active engagement in SCA Philosophy, advocating for authenticism as well as for beneficial structural and operational change in both the real-world and game-side of the organization. --Steffan ap Kennydd 17:47, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Note: Herald Extraordinary count stands at 3.

Founding Charter

To all and singular to whom these presents do come, greetings.
Whereas certain persons resident in the Barony of Carolingia and styling themselves House Silverwing have brought to my notice their desire to associate according to the Laws and Ancient Customs of this Barony;
And whereas the persons aforesaid have declared that their purpose in thus associating is to improve themselves in the many noble Arts and Sciences, to the end that they might be of greater service to the Crown, this Barony, and their peers;
Now therefore by these letters do I, Sir Patri du Chat Gris, Baron of Carolingia, grant to House Silverwing the rights as well as the responsibilities of a chartered Carolingian household.
Further do I specifically charge its members that they be diligent in applying their diverse skills and talents to the enhancement of themselves and the Society; that they not cease in their search for new skills and knowledge; and that they not stint in the spreading of such knowledge, that their growth and enhancement may continue.
In witness thereof, I hereby set my hand and seal this ninth day of February, A.S. XIV. Patri du Chat Gris
Samuel ben-Isaac
Taran of Windy Hill
Aldwen of Thymeswood
Baelric (of Bernicia)
Cassandra Boell von Baeyer
Charles of the Dark Forest
Gwendolyn of Middlemarch
Ivan Brasonic
Johannes von Nierenstein
Rhiannon of Llangyfelach
Stewart the Jester
Talonayre of the Two Swords
Arianwen of Urquhart
Laura Hawkwood
David Hawkwood


The original members of House Silverwing (signers of the charter) were:

Samuel ben-Isaac, Taran of Windy Hill, Aldwen of Thymeswood, Avraham ben-Aharon, Baelric of Bernicia, Cassandra Boell von Baeyer, Charles of the Dark Forest, Gwendolyn of Middlemarch, Ivan Brasonic, Johannes von Nierenstein, Rhiannon of Llangyfelach, Stewart the Jester, Talonayre of the Two Swords, Arianwen of Urquhart, Laura Hawkwood, and David Hawkwood.

Lady Batsheva Poleski and the late Master Johann von Traubenberg were associate members.

--Steffan ap Kennydd 17:47, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Current members

Dependent names are indented (some of these people are inactive)

Departed members and their still-extant proteges

More Information

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