Sigfrodr Torradson

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Resides: Shire of Eisental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
None YET


Sigfrodr has been involved with the SCA for about year. He has come to enjoy heavy combat and is currently a man at arms to Dietrich von Stroheim of Aethelmarc. He is currently in the process of learning Court, Book and List Heraldry. He also dabbles in the Arts and Sciences.


800 CE Icelandic, and sometimes other Viking periods and locations. ‎
He prefers any and all granted titles to be taken from the Alternate Heraldric terms for Viking (Drót(t)in,Kappi, Hersir, Jarl etc, some mix and match in the future will be required due to fragmented terms for viking, but he has a general love of all things nordic, so any attempt at nordic is always loved)

Sigfrodr usees he/him/his pronouns.

Offices & Positions

Deputy Herald, Shire of Eisental, 9/2020 - present

Current Projects

A silver leafed shield to be entered at Queen and Crown A&S competition, based upon an illustration in the bellifortis by Konrad Keyser, to test a concept from said illustration

A Rune stone based upon the illustration of the Lingsberg Runestone, with variation to include a verse from the Havamal. (To be Entered at a Later A&S competition)

Embroidered Icelandic Tunic with Mjolnir Motifs and silk edging (Just to look pretty for court)

Upcoming Planned Events

Queen and Crown A&S Feb 29th Eisental Regional Practice March 8th ‎
The Iron Mog-Mitzvah Saturday 14th ‎
Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon March 21 ‎
Mudthaw Saturday 28th ‎

In Case of Court

Please notify Lord Malys MacGregor, her excellency Sofia von Constance, or my knight.