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|photo = [[Image:Shannon_inghean.jpg|200px]]
|photo = [[File:ShannonIBUDupdated.jpg|200px]]
|photocaption = ''Bantiarna'' Shannon inghean Bhriain uí Dhuilleáin
|photocaption = ''Bantiarna'' Shannon inghean Bhriain uí Dhuilleáin
|location = Barony of Concordia of the Snows
|location = Barony of Concordia of the Snows

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'Bantiarna Shannon inghean Bhriain uí Dhuilleáin
Resides: Barony of Concordia of the Snows
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, a dog's head couped contourny between three mullets and on a chief argent three shamrocks vert.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms AtlantiaOpal.gif


Bantiarna Shannon inghean Bhriain uí Dhuilleáin, pleased to meet you! My very first event was NRWC in July 2000, after which I promptly lost track of the SCA for nearly four years. I rediscovered it after I was discharged from the Army in the Barony of Western Seas, Caid (Hawaii). I have since lived and played in four kingdoms (Caid, Atlantia, West and East). Yep, that's Snoopy on my arms! The blazon is simply a white dog's head, cut off at the neck. It's not breed-specific, so I take artistic liberties. And yes, it is rendered thus on my AoA scroll. :-)

I am a member of House Rosegate and protege to Mistress Arianna Morgan (Atlantia).



15th c. Irish noblewoman (who greatly fancies Viking attire!)

In Case of Court

  • Please contact my husband. He wants to be there! And he has answers to most questions you may have. In case of Peerage, please also contact my Pelican, Mistress Arianna Morgan (Atlantia). My In Case of Peerage files can be found here: Pelican | Laurel
  • For events outside of Concordia, please summon me in advance or use a writ. I work most weekends, but with advance notice I can usually arrange the day off. No summons are needed for events in Concordia--I'll be behind the Baronial thrones as Herald.
  • Scroll Preferences: Any size scroll is great -- wall space is not an issue! I love Celtic knotwork. I prefer a palette of green, blue, black, and silver/white. I am not at all fond of pink.

Offices & Positions


  • Snowflake Pursuivant, Barony of Concordia of the Snows (East), September 2018 to Present
  • Deputy Social Media Officer, Barony of Concordia of the Snows (east), May 2019 to Present
  • Pursuivant at Large, Atlantia, December 2015 to Present
  • Target Archery Marshal at Large, East, May 2019 to Present


  • Chronicler, Canton of Bard's Keep (Caid), March 2004 to August 2005
  • Chronicler, Barony of Lochmere (Atlantia), December 2005 to July 2007
  • Waterbearer, Barony of Lochmere (Atlantia), June 2006 to July 2007
  • Chatelaine, Barony of Eskalya (West), November 2007 to September 2008
  • Seneschal, College of St. Guinefort (West), May 2008 to September 2008
  • MoAS, Barony of Eskalya (West), June 2008 to September 2008
  • Archery Marshal, Barony of Eskalya (West), June 2008 to September 2008
  • Herald, Barony of Lochmere (Atlantia), October 2009 to October 2011
  • Chatelaine, Barony of Lochmere (Atlantia), December 2009 to December 2011
  • Archery Champion, Barony of Lochmere (Atlantia), May 2010 to May 2011
  • A&S Champion, Barony of Concordia of the Snows (East), May 2016 to May 2017
  • Deputy Snowflake Pursuivant, Barony of Concordia of the Snows (East), July 2017 to September 2018

Event Staff

Projects & Publications

  • Shannon of All Trades: A record of my A&S projects.
  • Fifty States of the SCA: A personal challenge in celebration of A.S. L to attend an event in each of the fifty states, with an emphasis on forming friendships, studying inter-kingdom anthropology, and gifting largesse.
  • Marksman to Bowman 2019: A record of my archery activities and efforts to improve my ranking from Marksman to Bowman


Awards and Achievements


  • Award of Arms (Caid) 1/15/2005
  • AtlantiaOpal.gif Companion of the Opal (Atlantia) 9/23/2006
  • Companion of the Blasted Oak (Lochmere, Atlantia) 9/23/2006
  • Companion of the Eagle's Feather (Lochmere, Atlantia) 8/7/2007
  • Baronial Award of Excellence (Lochmere, Atlantia) 8/7/2007
  • Princess' Riband (Oertha, West) 1/19/2008
  • Companion of the Silver Bough (Eskalya, West) 6/28/2008
  • Companion of the Wandering Wolves of Oertha (Oertha, West) 9/21/2008
  • Companion of the Golden Arrow (Lochmere, Atlantia) 1/15/2011
  • Baroness' Award of Courtesy (Lochmere, Atlantia) 5/9/2015
  • Award of the Undine (Atlantia) 10/1/2016
  • Companion of the Coral Branch (Atlantia) 8/6/2017
  • Order of the Friends (Concordia of the Snows, East) 10/27/2018


  • Archery Rank Marksman.png Archery Rank: Marksman (East)
  • Icon herald.gif Heraldic Rank: Pursuivant (Atlantia)