Seamus na Coille Aosda

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Seamus kern GNEW 2015.jpg
Seamus at GNEW 2015
Resides: Shire of Endewearde
Status: Active
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Seamus arms.JPG
Argent, a trillium purpure barbed vert and seeded Or.
Award & Office Badges
AoA, Crystal of Glymm Mere

Order of the Keystone Companion of the Order of the Maunche

Thrown Weapons Marshal Archery Marshal


Lord Seamus na Coille Aosda:

Aka: Seamus a Chnuic Ghuirm (registered name).

A founding (1970s) member of the Shire of Vinland (a predecessor to Endewearde in central & eastern Maine) and a member of Clan Cnoc Gorm , a household of Vinland. In 1979 Seamus moved to An Tir where he was a founding member of the Shire of Evercleare (1981), now the Barony of Glymm Mere [1], where he was a member of the household of Sir Richard Fergus Fitzalan [2], first Baron Glymm Mere. He returned to the East in 1984 to find no trace of Vinland. In 2012, after a 28 year lapse, he became active in the SCA again, and is happily a member of the Barony of Endewearde.


  • Crystal of Glymm Mere [3](Barony of Glymm Mere, Kingdom of An Tir) By: Richard Fergus Fitzalan, Gwendolyn Fitzalan, December 10, 1983.
  • Award of Arms (An Tir) By: Manfred Kriegstreiber, Morwyn of Wye, Jan 14, 1984 (AS XVIII)
  • Order of the Keystone of Endewearde (baronial service award) October 12, 2014.
  • Order of the Maunche 9 July 2016.


An Irish kern born in the year 955 at the crannog of Newtownlow, County Westmeath, Ireland .


Offices & Positions

  • Seneschal, Shire of Vinland, mid 1970s.
  • Scribe, Barony of Glym Mere, early 1980s.
  • Chief of Clan (household) Cnoc Gorm, 2012 to present.
  • Deputy Chamberlain, Barony of Endewearde, June 2013 to January 2014.
  • Thrown Weapons Marshal, Barony of Endewearde, October 2013 to present.
  • Chamberlain, Barony of Endewearde, January 2014 to present.
  • Veteran Spearman of The North Tower Infantry Company, Barony of Endewearde, October, 2914.
  • Acting Keeper of The Court of Endewearde Forest (East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild, 21 May 2016 - 9 July 2016.
  • Keeper of The Court of Endewearde Forest (East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild, July 2016 to present.

Event Staff

  • Assistant Event Steward in charge of the roast shoat, Vinland Revel, mid 1970s.
  • Assistant Event Steward in charge of the Yule Fire lighting ceremony, Yule Feast, Shire of Evercleare, December 10, 1983.
  • Deputy Event Steward for the Endewearde Hunt, October, 2013.
  • Deputy Event Steward for the Endewearde Hunt, October, 2014.
  • Organizer & Marshal-in-Charge of the first annual baronial thrown weapons championship, Barony of Endewearde, August 15, 2015.
  • Thrown weapons Marshal-in-Charge at Middleground. 21 May 2016.
  • Archery MIT assisting on range at Great Northeastern War XXX. 2016.

Projects & Publications

  • The Looking Glass [4], newsletter of the Shire of Evercleare, now the Barony of Glymm Mere, 1980s. Covers for issues 4-9 & 22, as well as incidental illustrations, borders and several short articles on calligraphic technique.
  • Designed and crafted the original Red Deer Awards for the Shire of Evercleare, now the Red Hart of the Barony of Glymm Mere, 1983.
  • Researched and built a lye leaching hopper which was used by Endewearde's soap makers to successfully leach a lye solution from wood ash, Spring 2012.
  • "Memories of Vinland: what came before", Northern Watch[5], newsletter of the Shire of Endewearde, spring 2012.
  • "Hungarian or Gypsy Campfire Bacon", Northern Watch[6], newsletter of the Shire of Endewearde, September 2012.
  • Carved a a standard pole finial in the form of of a household badge. Cnoc Gorm Boar.jpg
  • "Knotty Camping: 'tis the season", Northern Watch[7], newsletter of the Barony of Endewearde, March 2013.
  • Experimented with reshaping a wood chisel into a javelin point for the thrown weapons range. Seamus' Javelin.jpg
  • Made a shield for an early medieval Irish kern. (See my device above right)
  • "Tips on creating a period campsite.", Northern Watch[8], newsletter of the Barony of Endewearde, summer 2013.
  • Made a replica viking shield bearing the arms of the Shire of Vinland. VinlandShield.JPG

Interests & Activities

  • Thrown weapons (Marshal)
  • Archery (Yeoman to Master Godric of Hamtun)
  • Woodworking (A journeyman carpenter.)
  • Camp-craft & woods lore: Rank of Forester in the East Kingdom Royal Foresters Guild.
  • Leather working (A novice.)
  • Metal working (A novice.)
  • Long distance trail running (Still doing it & coaching.)

Current Projects & Works in Progess

  • An early medieval banner.
  • A Tuam chair using only hand tools.
  • Building trestle tables.
  • Organizing & annotating the remaining, fragmentary records from the defunct Shire of Vinland.

More Information

Seamus' FaceBook page: [9]

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