Sarah le Payller

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Sarah le Payller at Shire Wars VIII
Resides: Shire of Hartshorn-Dale
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

Vert, on a pale Or a winged domestic cat rampant sable marked argent.

Award & Office Badges


Lady Sarah le Payller, originally (circa 2001) of Darkstone of first the Middle Kingdom and then the Kingdom of Northshield, now (circa 2009) of Hartshorn-Dale of the East Kingdom.


Sarah enjoys dancing and the arts & sciences, and sometimes throwing axes.

Offices & Positions

  • Chamberlain, Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, since about 2014-Present
  • Webmaster, Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, since about late 2017-Present

Event Staff

  • Flamingo Ball, Pennsic 47 (2018)

Projects & Publications

Classes Taught

  • Bayeux Tapestry Embroidery Class and Solars: Shire Wars 6 (10/16/2016), String Thynge (Caer Adamant, 1/13/2018)
  • The Bayeux Tapestry and the Battle of Hastings (History is embroidered by the victors!): Shire Wars 6 (10/16/2016); Pennsic 46 (2017); Pennsic 47 (2018)
  • Beginner's Footwork for English Country Dance: Known World Dance Symposium 2017; Pennsic 47 (2018)
  • Lucet, Introduction to: String Thynge (Caer Adamant, 1/13/2018)

In Case of Court

Being surprised is fine for anything that doesn't require Sarah to make a decision or say anything.

More Information