Sakurayama Tomoe

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Commander Sakurayama Tomoe, aka Tomoe, aka Tomoe-chan, aka "Bosu Daito", aka "Hey, it's that lady with the deep voice who makes people laugh" and "The reason we cannot have nice things. Squire to Sir Colin mac Eoain mec Lachlainn, who had only SOME idea of what he was signing up for.

"Fight like a firestorm and celebrate like a spring day."


Up-jumped smuggler, money lender, gambler, mercenary, 'unconventional warfare' expert, and ronin from late period Japan. Now the Commander of the Iron Tide Mercenary Company. Survivor of Oda Nobunaga's purge of Iga province and still mad about it. Loves living amongst crazy westerners and their insane ways. Believes strongly in the principals taught by Hattori Hanzo, and as such, uses a western style shield as an adaptation to styles around her. Uses a single handed tetsubo because she has never been given a sword and refuses to buy one, as studded clubs work juuuuust fine. Loves other people, animals, laughter, hospitality, and savaging her foes. Dresses in flashy colors and silver jewelry since it seems to be available. Named for Tomoe Gozen, one of the greatest female samurai to ever live, and considers this a standard by which to conduct herself while in armor.

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Just your regular, everyday den-mother of a band of bloodthirsty pagan vikings (And one polish sorcerer.)

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