Sage Élan de Janvier

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Lord Sage Élan de Janvier (they/them pronouns)
Resides: Shire of Mountain Freehold
Awards: Order of Precedence

Heraldry is a work in progress, but Sage can always be recognized by a stag rampant on a dark green field.

Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Sage is a fencer, archer, artist, and scribe from the Shire of Mountain Freehold. They began their SCA journey in February of 2017.

They presently hold the title of Rapier Champion for the Shire of Panther Vale, and are a student of Lisabetta Medaglia for illumination. As of 2019 they are a Marshal in Training for Rapier.


Sage winter cloak.jpg

Sage Élan de Janvier was born in Thiérache, France, in 1247. They fled France in 1257 with their family in search of a more secular country, and ended up in Sandomierz, Poland in 1259. Not long after their arrival, the Golden Horde invaded. Impressed with their skill and knowledge in equine archery, Sage left everything behind to join the Mongols and learn mounted archery and swordplay. In addition, Sage adopted their nomadic lifestyle, traveling often between Europe and the Horde. Sage returned to Europe permanently in 1266 and trained in sword fighting anywhere they could, continuing practices of a lifetime love for calligraphy, illumination, and painting. In 1269 they became a student to Master Illuminator Lisabetta Medaglia.


  • Arts and Sciences Champion, Shire of Mountain Freehold, Birthday Bash, 2018
  • Rapier Champion, Shire of Panther Vale, Lost Tip, 2019
  • Award of Arms, Shire of Mountain Freehold, Mimir's Well, 2020


  • Birka 2020 - ranked 12th out of 74 participants

Scribal Work

Shown in order of completion.

Event Staff

  • Teacher of Calligraphy, Mimir's Well, 2020

In Case of Court

If contact with members of the Free Company of the Stella Maris fails, Sage can be reached via the Face Tome, under the alias of Elk Johnston. They would prefer to receive awards without knowing of them beforehand. (Email to reach the Free Company)

In the event of a scroll: Sage adores dark natural colors, green in particular. They love dragons, horses, deer of all types, and their dog Teddy. They dislike pink and pastels.