Ryouko'jin Of-The Iron-Skies

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Resides: Crown Province of Østgarðr
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Award & Office Badges


First Introduced to the game at Pennsic 37

Founder of East Kingdom Fighting unit CDIV

Squire to Sir Tanaka Raiko


Originally from Iberia, Anrriquez Sandalio Corvo made his way to Nara Japan as a child being the orphan son of a sea fairing merchant. Being such a young age Anrriquez took well to the Japanese culture and language. The native people of Yoshino Gun Nara referred to his group as Ryouko'jin meaning the people of Dragon and Tyger as he entered their land at a time of war between two rivals factions sporting those two beasts as totems. Lost in communication Annriquez took this to be his name and was known henceforth as Ryouko'jin. The Land he was from as a child was known for its magnificent towers, with steel beams that reached well into the cloudscape. Having no proper Japanese Surname Ryouko'jin used his origin as his new last name Iron-Skies.

While in Japan the Nanban (Southern Barbarian) boy studied the way of the Samurai, and it being a war time was allowed to join the samurai caste once he completed required reading and training. He adopted the native creed of Shudendo; the religion of the Yamabushi Priests.

Guided by the code of Bushido, Anrriquez (now Ryouko'jin) is a loyal servant of the Tyger throne and Retainer to Tanaka Raiko, the 17th Tyger of the East.

late 16th century Nanban (southern barbarian) Yamabushi

Offices & Positions

East Kingdom Experimental Weapons Marshall (EKEM Jabril-Present)

Lieutenant Commander East Kingdom Southern Army - 2014-2015

Commander East Kingdom Southern Army - 2015-2017

Armoured General of the East - 2017- Present

Awards, Honors, and Recognition's

AoA - 11/2010

Queen's Champion of Arms - (Kiena II) 5/2013

Queens order of Courtesy - (Kiena II) 10/2013

Company of the Pennon of the East (Tyger of a Foreign Legion) - Gulf Wars XXV

Kings order of Excellence - (Kenric II) 3/2014

Order of the Tygers Combatant - 9/2014

Queens Award of Esteem - (Caoilfhlinn) 9/2014

Order of the Maunche - 6/2015

Company of Pennon of the East (East) - Estrella War (Atenveldt) 2/2016

Valor of the East (Formerly Tyger of Valor) - Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II 2/2016

Order of the Chivalry - Ionness and Honig 8/2017

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