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== Offices & Positions ==
== Offices & Positions ==
Offices held in Caid available on the Caid Wiki link as seen above.
Stonemarche Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion 2019-2020
== Event Staff ==
== Event Staff ==

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Resides: Stonemarche and Endewearde
Status: Semi-Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Badge : (Fieldless) A sea-urchin Or
Award & Office Badges


Fausta has been in the SCA since 1994, but only recently has come to the East. She resides in Stonemarche but can often be found in Endewearde, where her family resides.


The daughter of a jeweler of of Imperial Rome. Name is Roman/Latin - Rutilia means 'Red-Gold hair'. Fausta is a given name that is still in use today, as well as being a Saint's name- in Roman naming it means "Lucky, born in the morning". Loves Rocks and Things You Do With Rocks, including gems, gemology, lapidary work, ceramics, and has even made makeup out of rocks. She also enjoys cooking (and eating!).

Offices & Positions

Stonemarche Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion 2019-2020

Event Staff

No Eastern Events staffed; see Caid Wiki for Caidan events.

Projects & Publications

Lapis Terras Medicamentum (Loosely: Stonemarche Remedies): A collection of 32 Roman "remedies" sourced from Stonemarche, in honor of the Barony's 32nd anniversary Documentation Sources in full

In Case of Court

  • Please notify in advance or via writ: anxiety combined with unpredictable health issues (Multiple Sclerosis). Private or small gatherings preferred.

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