Roibeard mac Neill mhic Ghille Eoin

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My main (and Registered) name is Roibeard mac Neill mhic Gille Eoin, or just "Robert". I live in the Shire of Quintavia along with my lady-Wife Marja Gundesindus de Leon and my two bairns, Brendan and Elanora. I am a metal artisan and teacher. My secondary persona is that of Roibeard's ancestor (on his Father's side) of Sigbrandr Varðrefjordi...he was a silversmith and merchant.

In modern times I am Louis Garcia, a multi-disciplinary artist and instructor living in Worcester, MA with my Wife Dee, our two children Brendan and Elanor, and four incredible cats.


Roibeard was born on April 26, 1551, on the Hebridean island of Barra to Gillean mac Neill, a sea captain and trader cousin to Chief Ruari mac Neill, and Brigit ingen Raghallaigh, an Irish weaver from Gaillimh, Connacht. Roibeard grew up around the Sea, sailing with his father and crew (much to his Mother's chagrin) in the many voyages around the Northern Seas. Following the death of his father during an attack from an English vessel south of Dunbarton, Roibeard left Barra and traveled to Clew Bay, where he joined the employ of long time Family friend and compatriot, Grainne in Mhaille. With sailing in his blood he was back out to sea following in the footsteps of his father, becoming an accomplished Navigator. In time he left Grainne's service and Disembarked in Spain, were he learned the Arts, primarily painting and silver smithing. He lived in Murcia for nearly a decade before the Sea called again. He began to travel the Mediterranean and beyond with a trading crew and built a lucrative business with his artistic skill. His artistry took him from Venice to Copenhagen and Every major port in Europe. His work traveled beyond his voyages to the Halls of Topkapi and to the new Colonies across the Atlantic. He now lives on the shores of Clare, Munster, with his lady-wife and children, every so often returning to the sea to visit his business partners, patrons, and friends.

He recently found out about an ancestor who lived in the Woodford settlement north of Waterford, Leinster, and is building a history of the life of his ancestor who happens to share his artistry and love of the sea.

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