Robin dit Dessaint

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Robin dit Dessaint July 2012
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Or, on a chevron inverted azure between a rose gules slipped and leaved vert and a frog azure three hearts palwise Or.
Award & Office Badges
*10/19/2002 Award of Arms, . . . . . . *05/08/2010 Companion of Terpsichore, . . *04/14/2007 Queen's Honor of Distinction (Jana IV)


Lord Robin dit Dessaint joined the SCA in 2001 and was one of the 7 founders of the Shire of Les Dragonets.
He started as the group's herald, then, became an apprentice to Mistress Alisay de Falaise and a scribe of the East Kingdom.
He has been working on scrolls and bookbinding ever since.


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Offices & Positions

  • Herald of the Shire of Les Dragonets since the beginning of 2001
  • Scribe of the East since 2002

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